Get Up, Stand Up

It has been two weeks since I was furloughed, and I’m still waiting on unemployment to call me. I realise it will take time because the number of people filing seems to increase every week. I’m torn between wanting to wait it out versus looking for another job. I was thinking about signing up for Instacart where I would be shopping for groceries and delivering them to the customer. I thought about expanding it to the point where I would want to purchase a used Penske truck and compete with Pea Pod. But I haven’t made up my mind yet.

I wonder if the company will go out of business if this quarantine goes on for too long. A school bus company that I once applied to for a driver position in 2004 went out of business this week. I say good riddance because they used to drive me crazy when school was open. I remember that the husband of one of my former landlords worked at the same company. It scares me at times. Taking the Instacart job would mean I would be working for myself. The thing is I don’t want to run my car up and down doing all this shopping. She needs work, and the mechanic I usually go to has been closed during the week.

There is talk of reopening the state on May 15. It will probably be done in stages rather than all at once. Once reason why I’m reluctant to leave the company is that the yard is only 3.6 miles away from my place. All local work, no driving into the next county, and I get a break in the mid morning. But if this quarantine is extended for another month, I will have to consider my options. I’m not spending as much money, but the bills do need to be paid. I hope to be working before the money runs out.

This self isolation nonsense has been both a blessing and a curse. I have been practising social distancing for years, so it doesn’t bother me. I love the quiet time, the freedom of getting up whenever I want, and going to bed whenever I want. I’m getting the full eight hours of sleep rather than six or seven hours, or as little as four hours due to job stress and worry. But I hate that I can’t visit anyone except mom, the shortages of paper products at the supermarket, no money coming in, losing money in the stock market, and projects that have to be put on hold.

What really burns me up is that if I apply for a job at the big companies like UPS and Fed Ex, they all want you to create an account on the company page. Why can’t I just apply for the damn job? Why do I have to create an account for? Then they never get back to me. You would think that some of these companies would relax their qualifications just a bit so that people looking for work can get hired. There are so many people out of work now. But no, that’s too much to ask. I recently applied to Home Depot as a delivery driver. As expected, I haven’t heard a thing. My licence is good, I have experience, I would consider working weekends. But these companies remain so damn picky that it is a waste of my time to even apply.


One of my friends on Facebook posted this gem on their wall  I expect it to be removed soon because the crime syndicate called our government does not want WE, THE PEOPLE, to know the truth. Basically, the demon rats are the reason why humanity is being sequestered like caged animals. And yes, I know I’m going off topic, but who wants to hear about my struggles when the glue that holds our nation together is being pulled apart by our government and their propaganda. It is CLEAR, that we, the people, of these United States, need to forget our differences and come together as a nation, like we did on 9/11/01, and fight the power. Back in the 1980’s, I had a vision that there would be some kind of revolution against the government, and my vision seems to be coming to fruition. They try to take our guns, our civil rights, our freedom, but the government can’t break us. We shall stand strong.


As I figured, YouTube removed the video I posted, saying it violated their community standards.   But here is another one, and a bonus.  I was able to download the first one to my laptop:





Stay tuned for more content. WE, THE PEOPLE, deserve to know the truth.

Sat Nam.

2 thoughts on “Get Up, Stand Up

  1. The reason those companies want you to have an account on their company page is so they can post business news there and everyone will always know what’s going on. The bosses don’t want to have to contact everyone in their company. ☺


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