A New Reality

I have not posted anything for some time, but it feels good to be back. I did not know what to write, even though there is so much going on. I sat in front of my laptop last week, ready to post, and my mind was a complete blank. So let us get to the business at hand.

I have been watching everything that is going on, and it distresses me. It even scares me at times. If you support Trump, you’re a racist. If you wear a MAGA hat, you’re a racist. Rioting and protests in the wake of the George Floyd debacle, Black Lives Matter and Antifa brainwashing the masses, white guilt, and YouTuber Terrence K. Williams being threatened on Twitter and Facebook because of his beliefs. All this because the Democrats (or demon rats) want Trump out of office at all cost.

That cost is high indeed. The country is being destroyed by all this looting and violence. At least that is what I think. Others may differ. I watched a video of a swarm of protesters near a stack train in Chicago. They had broken into one of the containers and one or more persons were pulling out flat screen TV’s and handing them down to the waiting crowd. Then the train started moving, but TV’s were still coming down. Independent mom and pop stores being vandalised. An elderly black man wearing a tee shirt with the U.S. flag sucker punched by another black man. WHY? Do people hate Trump that much? Then I saw another video of what looked like a reverse KKK rally: A sea of white people pledging that they will treat their black neighbours and black people in general with respect. My guess is that it was a BLM gathering. I was so shocked when I saw that!

I guess people have lost the ability to agree to disagree. Anytime someone’s beliefs are challenged by someone else, I believe it creates a stalemate in their minds that cannot be resolved through rational thought and debate. A state of panic ensues, and the person lashes out, sometimes violently. It reminds me of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Thankfully, none of my friends of any colour suffer from this.

I’m still on furlough for the time being. I have lots of time to enjoy quiet time, to relax, to do the things I have always wanted to do. But the possibility of returning to work makes me anxious. Its not that I don’t want to go back to work. It would most likely mean wearing the mask for the whole shift, and I am strongly opposed to it. I read an article about a 19 year old woman who developed pleurisy from wearing her mask for her entire eight hour shift. I’m also afraid of running into a BLM or Antifa protest. They would not think twice of hurting one of my special needs passengers, or me. But I don’t want to work in the group homes either. Despite my hatred for the mask, I do wear it when I visit a business. The local Speedway has a sign that says “No mask, no service.” That irritated me, but I complied to keep the peace.

Love has found me, and I’m making plans to visit her in Florida. But planning a visit is very difficult due to travel restrictions due to COVID. Technically, I should wait, but, long distance relationships do not work. I want to go so badly. Technically, I can go, but it means lots of phone calls to the motel to learn of their COVID policy, the need to buy extra masks, hand sanitiser, and have contingency plans if something goes wrong. And I heard that Florida has a second outbreak of COVID cases due to the state opening up too soon. So it might be a bad idea to go. But I still want to go, despite the risk. No guts, no glory. I have a lot to do on my end to make it happen.

If you like the post, please comment and/or follow me. Thank you for reading. Sat Nam.

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