All By Myself

One of the aspects of being an introvert is the need for a set routine every day. That gives me confidence because I know in advance what I should be doing. All variables have been taken into consideration, but sometimes, something happens that totally throws me off. Now that I am on furlough, I had to create a new routine, which is either the full yoga class every morning, or the abbreviated version, which is pure stretches. I have noticed results from my morning yoga. I’ve lost weight, I don’t hear or feel any cracking or popping when I get up in the morning. My back is no longer stiff, and my legs feel a lot stronger. Even though I get bored at home, I usually find something to occupy my time. I’m free to do things and take care of projects that have been on the back burner for months. Sometimes, the hardest part is finding the motivation, when all I want to do is watch YouTube.

Those of you who have read my previous posts know about the check engine light that has been glowing steadily due to a leaking canister purge valve. I had it replaced. last week along with a worn out tyre. This week, its the anti lock brakes, which needed to be fixed from two years ago. I don’t advocate driving in winter without ABS, but I got lucky because we didn’t get much snow. Next on the wish list is a coolant and transaxle flush. And I remember when I bought the car, I promised myself that it wouldn’t turn into a clunker like the Malibu did due to deferred maintenance. She looks a lot better these days. The interior was vacuumed, threw out all the garbage, dusted the dashboard, and I scrubbed the front seats. They were so dirty that I used an entire can of upholstery cleaner and paper towels to get them clean.

I spend a lot of time at mom’s apartment because she has cable and WiFi, which I do not have. Even though I love my alone time, sometimes its hard to leave because I love the company of mom. Last week, I stubbed my toe on the stool and it started bleeding. Good thing mom was around to dress it for me. She had to cut off the torn nail and put antiseptic on it. I didn’t want to take the bandage off because she did such a good job, but it healed quickly, and it wouldn’t survive being in the shower.

The word from our governor is that the state will open up next month. Hopefully the gym will reopen. But I’m not so sure if I want to go back to work. All this downtime feels like retirement, and it feels great. Lots of free time to explore and do things I want to do. But I can’t stay on unemployment forever, and I was at the job for at least a month when this COVID-19 nonsense happened. So when the job calls giving me the official word to return, I will.

I was home last week when someone knocked on my door, and I saw someone flash by. I opened the door, and on the ground was a pizza! Very strange since I didn’t order pizza. I went to catch the delivery guy, but he was gone. I called the pizzeria to tell them their guy left a pizza at my door by mistake. The employee told me that it was Door Dash because they do not have any delivery guys. There was nothing they could do. I felt bad that someone was not getting their pizza, but felt extremely lucky at the same time. I was mad at myself for a Facebook gaffe the night before. So I retrieved a plate from the kitchen and opened the box. Yuck and triple yuck! It had mushrooms, but it also had pepperoni. I picked off the mushrooms as best I could and took a bite. It was definitely not the best pizza in the world. It had no taste! I sprinkled some Romano cheese on it which helped a bit.

I wanted to throw it away, but come on, its free pizza! I put the rest away and brought two slices to mom. Even she says it has no taste. I was cringing because she was eating it with a knife and fork. I told her not to let any Italians see you eating pizza like that! It came from a pizzeria down the road from me behind the petrol station. I always wondered how their pizza would taste. I need not wonder anymore. Domino’s and Pizza Hut taste much better.

In the meantime, a friend forwarded the above video to me. I love Candace Owens. I agree that the media is trying to start a race war. All I hear about is Karens and Kens calling the police on a black man or woman doing something innocent. The media is silent on black on black crime. What about the police officer in Minnesota who was kneeling on a subdued black man who dies because the cop was kneeling on him? He was telling the cop he couldn’t breathe!! The media is silent on that too! But let me shut my mouth. Meanwhile, check out the bottom video. Her reaction is reminiscent of Trump Derangement Syndrome. What really made me cringe was seeing the poor dog suffering. But please don’t watch if you’re sensitive to seeing animals in distress. Comments are welcome. Sat Nam.

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