Product Review: Black And Decker Toaster Oven

Five years ago, I purchased a Rival toaster oven for mom because she really needed one. I regretted the purchase days later. It worked well, but I hated it because the all black finish didn’t go well with the kitchen decor, I hated the tiny handle, a door that snaps shut, and the difficult to figure out control knobs. Mom almost started a fire when she inadvertently set it to broil when she wanted to toast English muffins.

I ordered this very attractive toaster oven (model number TO1755SB) from for $32.99. Although it boasts the use of thermodynamics and convection, it is NOT a convection oven. I can honestly say that it works as advertised. When mom used it to make toast for the the first time, she was blown away at how good it tasted. No burnt edges. Her only regret was that she didn’t have two slices. I used it to toast English muffins and to warm up buttermilk biscuits, and they were delicious. It was toasted all the way through. No burnt edges.

Unlike the the Rival toaster oven, this model has three knobs which were easy to figure out. The top one is for temperature, the middle one is for function, as in bake, broil, warm, and toast. The bottom one is the timer. I love how I can pull out the crumb tray for cleaning and replace it with no fuss. I never liked the hinged bottom dump door of previous ovens. I love how the black finish contrasts with the stainless steel front. Looks much better than the all black predecessor. The door opens wide, and does not snap shut when you let go of it. The interior is big enough for a 9 inch pizza. It comes with a baking tray, but some people may not like the fact that it is not as wide. Probably to allow for better heat circulation. The oven itself is no bigger than the one it replaces, but if you have a kitchen where counter space is limited, it would be wise to take measurements before you commit to a purchase. It uses a three pronged plug, which means it requires a grounded outlet. The cord is short, since it pulls a lot of electricity. It must be placed near an electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord to plug it in. It cannot handle the amount of electricity that the oven uses, and it will cause a fire.

I have no complaints. I love it! I would buy another one. I had a B&D toaster oven before, and it lasted for over 20 years. I had to retire it three years ago because the coating on one of the heating elements burned off, and it nearly started a fire. I pulled the plug just in time. Currently, I have a Hamilton Beach toaster oven in my apartment, but I would like to replace it with this B&D unit.

If you need a toaster oven, you can’t go wrong with a Black and Decker. This is easily, the best bang for the buck. I can’t say enough about it. The only little nitpick is that I would prefer the entire unit to have the stainless steel finish rather than just the front. But its not a deal breaker. I love it to pieces. It is worth every penny.

Comments are always welcome, and thanks for reading my post.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Black And Decker Toaster Oven

  1. There is a black and decker model that has natural convection and is all stainless. It’s only like $5 more than yours. I might get it when mine breaks. Or maybe I’ll get it and keep it as backup.


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