New Tee Shirts

I’m looking into having tee shirts available. I may expand it to include hoodies for fall and winter. The featured pic is the final design. Gray and purple will be the only colours available for the time being for men and women. However, if the demand is there, I can look into other colours. The shirts are 100% cotton, but I can look into a polyester/cotton blend. Prices and sizes will be announced at a later date.

My local library opened for business recently, and I was a bit shell shocked when I entered. A mask is required of course, and I need to have my temperature taken. When I walked to the main desk, there was plastic shields everywhere. The private rooms I used previously to work on my blogs are no longer available. Patrons are limited to 30 minutes whilst inside. In other words, get in, do your business, and get out. It was sobering to see this once, bustling library so empty. I got my DVD and left as silently as I came.

Sometimes when I think about “social distancing,” I think about why am I so upset about it? I was doing my own distancing before this COVID nonsense happened. Like when I’m waiting in line at the self checkout at Wal-Mart, I was never that close to the person in front of me. If the line is long, and the person behind me is very animated, or very talkative, I would use the buggy as a buffer between me and the person whilst maintaining my distance from the person in front. I just hate when the media and the stores constantly repeat it. I already know, and I distance when required.

I’m a bit unsure about this new tee shirt venture, but I have been thinking about it for months. It took a message from the universe to finally stop dreaming and start doing. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. As always, Sat Nam.

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