Return To Work

The call came from HR two weeks ago. The furlough is over, and to report to work on the following Tuesday. I knew this day was coming. New York was already in Phase 4 of reopening. Traffic on the highway is back to rush hour levels. My bank has resumed normal operating hours. But I knew unemployment was not going to last forever, and the extra Federal payment ends next month.

After I got the call, I didn’t know how, or what to feel. All the emotions hit me at once. I was afraid, anxious, sad, worried, et, al. But why should I be afraid about going back to work? It means having to become acclimated to a “new” routine. When I got the call that I was to be furloughed, it was the same thing in reverse. It takes time for me to become acclimated to a new set of circumstances.

When I arrived at work on the required Tuesday, new rules, regulations, and paperwork were in effect, along with a mask mandate. We were all standing around waiting for individual instruction from the supervisor. No one is allowed in the office, not even to use the latrine. We have to leave our paperwork in the mailboxes. If we need someone from the office, we have to ring the bell. I have to take my temperature before starting my shift, and everyone who comes on the bus has to have their temperature taken by me. I was sent home because there was nothing for me to do. The supervisor told me to come back at 8am tomorrow.

I was a mess on Thursday. I was sick on Wednesday night and I did not sleep. I felt like a zombie all day. I’m glad I didn’t have to drive. I was on matron duty on a route that went into Sag Harbour, home of the immortal Billy Joel. It is a long route. The bosses wanted me to take over the route. I have wanted my own route ever since I signed on, but not this route. It is too long, and the traffic to the Hamptons in the summer are often bumper to bumper. We were to pick up one person and take him to program in Hampton Bays. I did this route before with another driver who transferred out and I had told them I don’t want to do it. They have another route for me to do on Monday, so we’ll see how that goes.

I am on the fence about making the tee shirts available. I have a price in mind, but I wonder if I can pull this off. My friend Arziana is building her financial empire with her book sales. How do I build my tee shirt empire? Sometimes I feel like hanging it up. Ugh, why do I have to be so damn afraid to try new things? Everyone got their promotional shirts, and they fit. But I really goofed on the shirt I sent to my sister. It is way too small. It should have been a large or even XL since she has broad shoulders. I wanted to make it right, but she doesn’t want me to spend any more money on her. I was in the process of ordering a replacement shirt, but for some reason, the card would not go through. That was my saving grace. So I’m in a a spot. I spent so much money to come to this point. Do I go on, or cut my losses? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ll figure it out at some point.

Thank you for reading this post. Comments are always welcome. Remember to “Be Your Greatest Version.” Sat Nam.

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