Tyre Troubles

I was on my way home last week Sunday from mom’s. I had just exited the highway and made a right turn, when I heard a noise behind me. I had a feeling that one of my rear tyres was flat. Right away, my anxieties started to kick in, but I managed to keep a cool head. I was not far from my apartment complex so I slowed down and kept going. There was no shoulder so I could not pull over, and it was a busy two lane road. I had a line of cars behind me. I felt so embarrassed driving on a flat tyre. I just wanted to get off the road and get home. Ugh, just what I needed to start my Sunday! I made it home and indeed, the driver’s side tyre was flat. I was feeling scatterbrained, but I got straightened out and I called AAA. Within an hour, a flat bed from Woods Towing arrived. The driver said he could patch the tyre. I saw the hole in the centre of the tread. I waited for him to do his thing, and the tyre went back on, good as new. I thanked him, and he went on his way. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to spend money on a new tyre. Or so I thought…

This past Friday morning whilst I was going to get my bus going for work, I noticed the same tyre had gone flat again. Here comes that tsunami wave of anxiety again. I was so upset. It took all the energy out of me. Several thoughts started racing through my mind. It would have to wait until I finished my morning shift. Reluctantly, I started my bus and went to pick up the aide. I was not in a great mood whilst working. To top it off, heavy rain was in the forecast, and it came down hard at times. Then, to make it worse, history repeated itself. Care and Comfort, a local Medicaid transportation company, almost rear ended me and had to swerve in the left turning lane at a stop light. When the light turned green, he then forced his way in from of me. Like I wanted him to rear end me. I had a encounter with them in the same place many moons ago. That did not help my mood. And I wanted to put in an application with them when I was at PPC. What was I thinking? Now I’m glad I didn’t follow through.

I finished my shift, and went home to burn another call to AAA. That makes the third time I had to call. The first was when I locked my keys in the card. I am only allowed one more call, and after that, I will have to pay for the service call, or a tow, if needed. Makes me wish I had the tyre changing equipment. I don’t have an air compressor, the cigarette lighter doesn’t work, and I bought the wrong tyre iron to use with the scissors jack. So they show up again, and the spare was mounted. It needed some air, and thankfully he was brought an air compressor. I hated myself for not taking care of the cigarette lighter sooner and buying the proper tools. I called Pete B. Service in Middle Island to ask if they can order a new tyre for me. I don’t want to fix it again, and have it possibly go flat. I wanted to get the new tyre mounted on Saturday, but they are closed, so I have to wait till Monday.

Then I wanted to take Monday morning off to get everything taken care off. I would spend the weekend with mom, then go to the shop on Monday since its just down the road from her place. But the job wants me to work the morning shift and I guess they’re short handed as usual. It throws a huge wrench into my plans, but whatever. I’m just praying the spare holds up. I don’t like driving on in for too long. Last time I had a tyre problem, I was on the spare for a week.

Saturday morning was a scary time to be on the highway riding on the spare. I had so many near misses with other cars that I lost count. I wasn’t going fast and I stayed in the right lane. But people were acting like I was in the center lane driving at 80 kilometres/hour. I swear, even if I was driving at 140 kilometres, people would still blow past me like I wasn’t moving. Sheesh, so many angry drivers on the highway. I’m lucky my car has not been turned into a pile of sheet metal! It amplifies my anxiety all the more. My guide sometimes reminds me to not to let them get to me. When I go home later, I’m staying off the highway. But when I get my new tyre, I’ll be back up to highway speeds.

I guess confession really is good for the soul, because I feel much better after getting all of that off my chest.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Be Your Greatest Version. Sat Nam.

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