Another Week At Work

So far, life at work is great. I only work an hour or two in the morning, come home for a few hours, go back for the afternoon shift, and I’m home before 5 PM. Usually I’m riding with another guy picking up only two people. I expect the passenger loads to increase as more people start returning. Indeed, two people are scheduled to return to program on two different routes.

I even drive the same bus every day, and I get to bring her home since I don’t live far from the yard. I’m enjoying my time with her. I feel like an independent contractor since the supervisor and the lead driver don’t bother me as long as the job is getting done. That’s what I like. But being a floater means that things can change in the time it takes to snap my fingers.

Such a change happened this week. I was told I would be covering three routes for Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Any sudden change in my routine causes anxiety because I fear the unknown. The Thursday route was only two stops, and one would be a wheelchair. I went with the driver to see the route and I picked it up right away. But it meant dealing with a lot of traffic in a corridor I hate to pieces. The first pickup went well. She was a very nice Nordic lady. The w/c pickup was not so bad, but I did pass the house. It was a busy, narrow street and I didn’t want to back up and cause an accident so I went back around and found the house. The afternoon shift went better. But the traffic gives me anxiety. The amount of cars speeding and near misses make me nervous. I was as careful as I could, since no one exercises caution around a large vehicle that transports special needs adults.

The Friday route was the same route I was on with another driver, so I already knew where to go and the pick up times. No matron means after I drop them at program, I can go straight home. I needed to stop at the yard to drop off paperwork. It took less than five minutes. Due to the whole corona nonsense, we’re not allowed in the office. We are supposed to put our paperwork in one of the mailboxes outside. For the afternoon shift, I had another driver with me. I didn’t like that idea one bit. I thought she was a trainer who wanted to evaluate my driving skills. After I dropped off the last guy, she was giving me a synopsis of her life story. She used to be a OTR truck driver, but she left because she needed to take care of her grandmother. She came to the company because she could spend more time with her. She would love to go back because she enjoyed seeing the sights. She talked about waiting to get loaded, and how it was more of a hurry up and wait thing. That I can understand. People sometimes tell me their life stories. I listen because perhaps they want to talk, and need a friendly ear.

Last week I went for a stress test at the cardiologist. I have been worried about my heart health since I am not in my fifties. I was also worried if there was any heart damage due to undiagnosed high blood pressure many moons ago. I almost had a stroke a few years ago because I was not taking my medication. Good thing for me that I had been doing yoga every morning. I was hooked up to a lot of sensors and my blood pressure was monitored. Oxygen saturation was at 100%. I did not like the fact that the mask had to be worn whilst on the treadmill. By the time the test was concluded, I was running at 4.5 mph on a 12% grade, starving for air due to the mask. Thankfully, I did well. All that running in the gym paid off. The clinician did not see any problems with my heart. I maintained a normal sinus rhythm. I had an EKG done also, and then I was able to leave. I return next month for a follow up appointment.

I ordered new rain guards from WeatherTech last week and I’m still waiting on them. My new air compressor arrived, but I have not tested it yet. I ordered birthday presents for my Sun and Stars last week also. Two arrived on time, but one is being delayed. I wanted to order adjustable rings, but I hate the offerings from Amazon. I’ll see what Etsy has to offer.

A friend from many moons ago reached out to me via Facebook messenger. She said I came to her with a message: Why do you continue to allow the negativity of others to affect me when they do not realise my worth?

I thought that was interesting. It sounds like something I would say. I have been described as a gentle spirit. Sometimes I forget that. I thought it was my guide that visited her, but she says it was me. I don’t spirit walk much. The last time I did was many moons ago when I was living in that basement apartment. She is a Druid Pagan. I don’t know much about Druids, so some research is in order. It was good to see her again. She recently got divorced, and returned to the States. I wonder if I came to her because she unconsciously summoned me.

I also reconnected with another friend from many moons ago. I figured out that she is a witch based on what she has told me thus far. Which means her three daughters are witches also, but they have not heard their calling. I have helped her youngest before. She was very receptive of my guide. She needs my help again, and I’m waiting for her to reach out to me. It is interesting to note that most of my friends are either witches or empaths. My Sun and Stars is neither, but she has other gifts that I find quite pleasing.

Comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Blessed be.

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