Bed Time

I have been having sleep problems for years. Even though I take melatonin and use Hylands Calms Forte, they don’t always work. What aggravates the problem is my broken down full size bed. Mom bought it for me in 2000 when we were moving to a new place from Sleepy’s, which is now Mattress Firm. It has left me feeling very sore in the morning with an aching back on more than one occasion. Yoga has helped with the back pain. Flipping the mattress helped for a few months, but it didn’t cure the problem. Sitting on the edge of the bed is verboten because of a broken board in the box spring. I have to be careful when getting into bed. One wrong move, and I’m afraid the box spring will break in two.

This morning, my back felt fine. I slept throughout the night because I was exhausted from being sleep deprived all week. Earlier in the week, I woke up with a sore back and a sore left side because that is my typical sleeping position. I have a sore right shoulder from sleeping on my right side. Every time I sleep on my right side, my right arm gets very stiff and achy. I’m concerned I may have damaged the rotator cuff. I’m lucky I can raise my arms over my head. I had procured a memory foam pad that goes on top of the mattress for free. It is very comfortable, but I still cannot sleep on it. Not even if I took a Tylenol PM. I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m used to mattresses. I don’t know.

Some of you might ask why not replace the mattress and the box spring. Before this whole COVID nonsense, I simply could not afford it, and I wanted to upgrade to a Queen size bed. In the 20 years since mom bought me the bed, I have grown taller. My feet hang off the bed when I lie down. The bed is functionally obsolete. I need a good nights sleep. I’m tired of waking up sore, and being sleep deprived all week. I drive for a living, and restful sleep is important. It is also important for a healthy brain.

I made enough money from my recent raise to finally be able to buy a bed. I took mom with me because she knows what to look for in a mattress. I was thinking about going to Bob’s Discount Furniture, but after reading the reviews, I decided to go to Big Lots. I really liked the selection of beds and mattresses. After a careful compare and contrast session, and having mom test the various mattresses, I chose the plush pillow top Queen size mattress. It has just the right balance between firm and softness. Unfortunately, they did not have the bed frame in stock. They will give me a call when it comes, then I can pay for it online, and arrange delivery.

It was a good shopping experience. The sales person was very nice, and I love the furniture they sell. Mom saw a few recliners she would like to have. I plan on returning because I would love to have either a sectional, or the reclining couch with cup holders. My friend Lauren has a over stuffed reclining couch with the cup holders and USB ports. I was so jealous when I saw it. My couch is as comfy as a wooden chair. I saw the cutest little nightstand that I would love to have.

Now I have to think about buying new fitted sheets, a skirt, and a mattress pad. I already have the risers. I wonder if I should sell, or donate the old bed frame? I may keep the memory foam pad to use as a improvised yoga mat. But it takes up space in my room, and I hate looking at the rolled up mass in the corner. Next on the wish list is a TV stand. I plan on buying it from Big Lot’s also. I do have to sleep on the old bed for a few more nights, but I can deal with it. I’m happy.

Comments are always welcome, and if you need a new bed and/or furniture, check out Big Lots.

Remember to Be your Greatest Version.

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