The Changing of the Guard

My altar has been in a state of flux for a few years now. I have rearranged it many times to suit my needs, but I was never satisfied with it. Then I have to cover it because town inspectors need to inspect the smoke detectors twice a year. They rule with an iron fist. Then it stays covered for weeks until I get the moxie to take the cover off. I had sea shells on it to honour the sea. Then I met my neighbour who loves sea shells as much as I do. She has the scallop shells and conch shells in her collection, which I love to pieces. So imagine how I felt when I realised the shells I have were from clams. Yuck! I want to toss them. But I’m waiting to see my neighbour again so we can have an exchange. She like the clam shells.

The altar will be split in two. One will be to honour Isis, whilst the other shalst honour my love of the sea and all things marine. The Isis altar will be relocated to my room, while the marine version will stay in the sitting room, but moved to the west side. That could be a problem because there is a huge table there, and I have no other place to put it.

I have ordered statues and figurines for the new altar. Two came already and I’m waiting for one more. I need to order another figurine and an altar cloth. I will donate the old one to a friend rather than throw it away. I need a new table, and finding one is the hard part. I hate most of the one I have seen. They are either too small, too low, too narrow, the colour is wrong, or it does not go with my room decor. The current altar uses two folding tables which have the right height, but I will not be reusing them because they look tacky and out of place.

I have looked on Amazon and, and so far, I don’t see what I want. Some have come close, but usually they’re too narrow. I want space for future expansion. I’ll keep looking. There has to be one that I will like.

I also need TV stands for my room and sitting room. I have seen some that I like, but its a matter of whether the design and finish fits the decor. I am going for a cherry wood finish. I need to make up my mind at some point, but I am so picky. It has to be perfect. It has to vibe with the room. I know it sounds weird, but that’s me.

The marine altar will be easier. A simple end table is all that is needed for the altar stone, which is heavy. I haven’t figured out where to put the big table as of yet. It is too big to go in my storage shed. I’m looking at either selling it or donating it. I’ll figure something out.

Meanwhile, I recently reconnected with a friend from many moons ago. She was married to a narcissist in England, who hurt her badly. He convinced her to cut ties with me, which explains why I felt like I was ghosted. I was hurt, but I got over it. She apologised for that. She had divorced him and returned stateside. I feel she is a soul mate because I feel a strong pull towards her. I feel that she needs healing, but it will come in time.

I wanted to close out with an update about my heart condition. I am feeling much better. I believe the extra beats were the result of way too much stress. I started running again and work has not been as stressful so far. I eat an apple every morning and I continue to take my medications. But I am dreading the much needed blood draw. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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