Dystopian World

For a few months now, the days have felt “wrong” to me. I could not explain it. But, when this whole Covid nonsense came about, I felt the pain of the entire planet. I believe the planet is hurting, and it has manifested itself by the way of cloudy weather and subtle changes that no one else seems to notice. But I do.

I have mentioned this to other empaths, and they concur. Another friend who is not an empath agrees with me also. There have been more cloudy days than sunny days from what I have seen. I remember two months ago, it rained for two weeks! As I look out the window, it is dark and cloudy. It was raining before, but it has stopped for now. I am constantly reminded of the world that Winston Smith experienced in the book “1984.”

I wonder what to expect in 2020. At least I am still employed. I went back to work this week after having all of last week off. I actually had a good day yesterday. I had to cover for another driver, and his route is fairly easy, despite the addition of another client that is difficult to handle. The sun was out, which is rare these days, not as cold, and it felt good to put my bus to work rather than driving seven miles a day to and from work.

Another example of living in a dystopian world is seeing the Dynamic Do-Nothings aka Biden and Harris being on the cover of Time Magazine. If they can be on the cover, then I should be on the January 2021 cover of GQ. Eh, but who says I’m a gentleman?

I’m not taking the Covid vaccine. They newspaper says it safe, but then why is the government offering $1,500 for citizens to take it? I don’t even want to flu vaccine this year. Its not about me turning into a anti vaxxer, it is simply about being cautious because the government cares not about WE, THE PEOPLE. It is all about do as we say, not as we do. How about do as I do, and not as you say?

A running joke from Thanksgiving is that my future is so bright that I need to wear shades. I can only mention that at some point I will be joining my sisters in the South. I hate what NY has become now. The state is being run into the ground by the Democrats. I hate the cold, high taxes, high cost of living, and a heavy handed council that insists on barging into my flat twice a year to inspect the smoke detectors.

Speaking of which, I need a door mat that says “Dogs and Cats Welcome, Humans UNwelcome.” The maintenance men may not like it though. Anyway, I don’t want to retire here since the annual property taxes can be more than the mortgage payment. But until then, I’m stuck here until the time is right.

Thanks for reading my post. Remember to Be Your Greatest Version

Or just be you.

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