New Dreams, New Visions

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2021. I’m glad that all of you can join me, and I look forward to providing new content. There is so much I want to do, like start offering my tee shirts and other stuff, but it has to wait for the time being. This Covid nonsense is putting a damper on my plans. I will say that if you want a tee shirt, just leave a comment, and I will get in touch in you. I’ll have to do it on a one on one basis.

I spent a few days with mom and I stayed up until 2am this morning talking to my sister from another mister in Tennessee. I was helping her daughter to release the emotional pain she keeps inside of her. Her mom was not able to get through to her, but I was successful. I also talked to her about the importance of teaching her children discipline. We were talking for a few hours, but as much as I wanted to stay up all night talking to both of them, I needed to go to bed. But I was very happy that I was able to help her to release her pain. Once that pain was gone, her and her mother are a riot with their British accents. They could easily be Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous and do a comedy routine at Caroline’s Comedy Club.

The new year certainly started off with a bang. My cousin announced that she is expecting her first child, which happens to be one year from the date of her marriage. When I first saw the announcement, I couldn’t believe it. I am happy for her and her husband. Her mom, my mom’s sister, is already a great grandmother. I believe my mom is now a great aunt.

I was off all week because programs where closed for the holidays. I am grateful for the rest. But the thing that really worries me is the company possibly mandating everyone to get the Covid vaccine; which I believe is nothing more than a mutated strain of the flu. I got the flu vaccine in 2019 when I was at PPC because it was mandated. Other than my arm being a bit sore, I was fine. I don’t like the way it was rushed through. I wish to opt out this year, but I would continue to wear the face covering. I sent an email to Congressman Lee Zeldin about my concerns. I received an automated reply. Based on the the content, it may be weeks or months until I receive a reply from his office.

I am reading the booklet that came with my Oracle cards. It is a lot to go into. There are so many chants and incantations to learn. Already I have a question for the cards, so I want to do my first reading just for the practice. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever finish the book and become a Oracle card reader. It is a gift from Lilith, and it would displease her if I cast them aside like a ordinary deck of cards. Perhaps I can do a reading for the young lady I was helping. Although I have a general idea as to what it going on, it would be interesting to see what the cards have to say. Before I can do that, I need to “get right with Isis.”

I received a few gifts from a German friend: a bar of homemade soap, a “I Am Enough” adjustable ring, and a malachite stone. The soap is wonderful. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it smells so good. I don’t want to go back to my usual soap. It contains shea butter, lard, lemon oil, and at least two other ingredients that escape me for the moment. I have used it twice so far, and I have not suffered any side effects. If you would like a bar, just leave a comment with your name and email. I will put her in touch with you. She is asking $8 for each bar. Keep in mind that after the soap is made, it needs a few days to cure.

One thing I am happy about is the opening of the Moynihan Train Hall in NYC; named after the late Daniel P. Moynihan, who promoted the idea for decades. It gives me an excuse to go into the city to see it. It looks positively beautiful! It is so spacious. It makes Grand Central Terminal look like a broom closet. It is a welcome change from that cramped, subterranean basement called Penn Station that I used to frequent from 1997-1998. I used to wait with the crowds after work near Track 19 for the 5:41pm “Super Express” to Ronkonkoma with a box of Wild Berry Pop Tarts to munch on. I plan to visit NYC in the summer because I will be expecting visitors from Wyoming.

I wish to thank you for reading my post. Please leave a comment if you are so inclined. All I ask is that you do not use any foul language if there is something you did not like, or disagree with.

As usual, remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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