Exit Patriot Trump, Enter China Joe

Granted, Trump was not perfect. He is a businessman, not a politician. He made questionable and infuriating decisions, like taking away the rights of the lesbian and gay community to receive medical treatment, and requiring them to use the latrine based on their gender at birth. In other words, a MTF pre-op transwoman would be required to use the men’s room. But the one thing that is truth, was that he was no sell out. Unlike Biden, who is a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party.

I am disgusted by what is going on. The Democrats have sold out the country and WE, THE PEOPLE, for their own selfish gain. I believe Biden is intentionally crashing the economy by killing the border wall construction, and the Keystone Pipeline, much to the relief of Native Americans in Montana who have opposed it. According to the first video I shared, Biden voters seem to have second thoughts about electing him. Really? The fact that he was selling out the country in plain sight never occurred to them? They hated Trump so much that they were willing to gloss over all the criminal accusations and give him a pass. Again, Trump was not perfect. Say what you want about him, but you can’t say he is guilty of treason.


China is still smarting over the tariffs they had to pay when he was in office. So I believe this is their idea for revenge: Get Trump out, through any means necessary, make sure their lackey Biden gets elected, crash the economy, and reset it for a communist way of life. Anyone that attempts to post the truth on social media is silenced.


So here is a interesting case in point. 27 year old Laura Loomer has been “off the grid” because she has been banned from most social media platforms for her inflammatory comments. She made headlines in 2017 with her anti Muslim rhetoric and is a “proud Islamophobe.” So let pose this question to you, the reader:

Do you think she was silenced for her racist beliefs, OR, because she is considered a dangerous person, hence being banned from owning a firearm. Let me know in the comments.

Do you know that, as we speak, there is a caravan of migrants from South America on the way here on foot, by car, by truck, by bicycle? Biden intends on giving them amnesty, and he is calling for a 100 day delay on deportations. This is Joe Biden’s America. Whether Kamala (Heels Up) Harris plans to elbow Biden out and become President remains to be seen. Given her track record, it would not surprise me.

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We’re all different, but we all can make a difference.

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