Sick And Twisted…

I wish to preface the following article by saying that I was never a follower of Mother Teresa, and this does not surprise me.

But I was a bit shocked when the article mentioned that Robert Maxwell is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell. It went totally over my head. I remember him taking over as the owner of the New York Daily News at a time when the daily was in dire financial straits. But in the back of my mind, I thought he was a rather shifty character. His death remains a source of controversy. Some say it was suicide, others say it was a heart attack. He was a rather portly sort, so that may be plausible.

I see Pope Benedict has been mentioned, which is no surprise. I can’t look at his picture because all I see and feel is pure evil. It gives me the shivers. But when I saw the Mother Teresa article on Facebook, I had to share. We need to see this. This is what is going on underneath our noses. Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome.

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