Texas And The Green New Deal

I really do not like the direction where the country is going. It has me feeling fearful at times. We have a president that is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party, a vice president, that bails out convicted criminals through her Minnesota Freedom Fund, aka the Dynamic Do-Nothings, a NY congresswoman that is basically blaming Texas for their woes, and now, globalists and this “Great Reset” as shown in the following video:

I could not watch the whole video because it makes me upset. But it makes a good point. One of my astute friends commented that when Trump was in office, Texas never endured such a horrible storm. Now that China Joe is occupying the White House, Texas get hit with an epic storm that is usually felt up here in the northeast. Even as I write this, it is snowing outside my door, yet again. This is the third storm to hit NY this month. Something is going on because this weather pattern is not natural. I have lived here for decades, and it has never snowed this much during the winter. Perhaps one big snowstorm, and that’s it. I still remember the storm on January 1st, 1996. Nothing was moving outside my window except the plows from the nearby bus depot. Anyway, here’s is one of many articles about what’s going on in Texas in the aftermath of the storm:


For those of you who don’t know about the MFF, please read the following article:


I was reading about the plight of Texas residents, and it breaks my heart. People are cold and hungry. Those who have fireplaces are burning personal belongings just to stay warm. They are being left to fend for themselves. Our resident joke of a congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known to most of us as “Occasional Cortex,” or to me as “Olive Oyl,” posted a tweet that did not go over well with the governor of Texas, as observed in the following article:


I grieve for the state of Texas and the residents. Their plight reminds me of those times when I was broke, cold and hungry. If I felt any more grief for them, I would burst into tears. And these damn democratic socialists just laugh and point fingers at them. Hearts of stone, hearts of darkness. But this too shall pass. Texas will rise from the ashes, hopefully stronger and wiser. This will only increase the desire to secede from the union. I don’t blame them. I see where the country is going, and they will not go down with the sinking ship.

In the meantime, words cannot convey how much I HATE Kamala Harris. I could go on and on, and on, but there’s too much negativity in this world already. I came across this little snippet of her appearance on Ellen. Mind you, I do not like her either:

While she does not directly say it, her feelings are clear. I really like how both of them are laughing like hyenas on nitrous oxide. Anyway, I’ll hush my mouth for now. Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome.

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One thought on “Texas And The Green New Deal

  1. I have close relatives in Texas so try to stay in contact with them. Today they finally got electricity and also their water. My sisier-in-law said that the power goes off and on. Imagine how cold it is there and not having reliable power! This was definitely a record storm for Texas and for everywhere it has traveled. As for Biden and Harris, they have a lot of answering to do, but that will occur later when they meet our Creator. Our politicians and our country need LOTS of prayer! I am sending many blessings to each one of you for having to endure these very stressful times.


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