The Stupid Is Real

I must be living in an alternate universe. “WAP” is the best song of 2020, yet Dr. Seuss books are banned for racial overtones? Then I saw the above video about a woman saying we must “eat the babies.” Wait, what? Then there’s the AOC, aka “Olive Oyl” standing there like a dope, listening to her and believing everything she says. But I believe I can see where she is coming from now. This enterprising young woman is saying, in her own backwards kind of way, that babies are contributing to the problem of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere simply by breathing instead of more obvious reasons, like cars and the logging industry. How about we plant more trees? They use carbon dioxide and give us oxygen.

I have been reading about this cancel culture, and it annoys me and my sister to no end. The immortal Pepe LePew being accused of promoting rape culture because he forcibly grabs the female, kisses her, and pursues her relentlessly. What’s next? Will Wile E. Coyote be labeled a dead beat for not paying for the stuff he gets from Acme? Will Ralph Kramden be labeled an abusive husband because he yells at Alice, threatens to punch her, and insults her? Better yet, I guaran-damn-tee someone will say that playing pool is racist because a player uses a white ball to break up the coloured balls, then use that same white ball to put the coloured balls into their respective pockets.

My big sister is very vocal about the state of the world today. She wanted to know why is China Joe better than Trump. I attempted to answer it for her, but she was not satisfied. She would like to hear from someone who actually voted the wannabe Communist into office. I think it is because he doesn’t say mean words like Trump did. In other words, he doesn’t hurt the feelings of these cry babies.

This past Friday afternoon, one of the company drivers was involved in a horrendous crash. I went past it on my way home and I was horrified. I was a wreck for the following weekend. Based on what I saw, it was clear to me is that someone ran a red light because the front of the bus was smashed, and the car was on its side. It explains why the dispatcher was still in the office even though she normally leaves by 4pm. I was worried that the driver was either dead, or hopelessly crippled.

But I saw the driver today and she didn’t have a scratch on her. If she had elected to NOT wear her seatbelt, the outcome could have been different. Indeed, she told me the car ran a red light. It was going very fast and blew past the line of traffic stopped at the light. Our driver had the green light. She saw the car coming, but it was too late to avoid it. She hit the bus so hard that it spun 180 degrees. I saw that bus in the yard last week. The first one I drove when I signed on two years ago. The company sent her to scrap. She was very old, and the collision damage is not worth fixing. It is ironic that both of them were taken to the same hospital. The woman who ran the light was insisting she was fine, whilst our bus driver wanted to kick her teeth in for almost killing her.

I started a new route this week. After a year of being on different routes, including one that I HATED to pieces, I finally got the one I wanted. Only sad part was giving up my 2012 Ford with the raspy exhaust. Traded up to a 2017 Ford with the 7.4 litre engine, power mirrors and mirror defroster. I hate the jerky transmission though. Feels like being kicked in the back every time I come to a stop. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. Thanks for reading my post.

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