Dump Cuomo


So this is getting serious. I’m ashamed to call myself a New Yorker at this point. After I heard about the sixth woman coming forward, I wondered aloud if there would be a seventh. Behold:


So now a seventh woman has come forward alleging sexual harassment by Cuomo. He said he will not resign because in his warped mind, he didn’t do anything wrong. He did apologise, but that’s only because he was caught. But when seven women are accusing him of unwanted harassment, it is bound to wear him down. Indeed, the pressure is getting to him as you can see in this tearful second apology:


When and if Cuomo is removed from office, the city should go about hiring Andy Byford back, the former head of the MTA. If we have to grovel, beg, throw money at his feet, that’s fine. He left because Cuomo was constantly stepping over him to get projects done, and he would not let Byford do the job he was hired to do. This man was in charge of transit systems in London and Singapore, so he was the right man for the job. We loved what he was doing for the subway and buses. Of course, Cuomo, has an ego the size of the Empire State Building. So now he happily takes the credit for our Second Avenue Subway, East Side Access Project, Third Track Project, and the new Elmont railway station, which I believe is a complete waste of money.

I wonder if a eighth woman will step forward. Maybe a ninth? If there are more, now is the time to come forward. I believe they waited this long to speak up because maybe they feared retribution and loss of their jobs. These women deserve justice. It is time for him to go. Although AG Tish James is leading the investigation, I’m afraid it could be brought to a standstill if enough money is wired into her bank account.

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