Work Force

First of all, I want to say that I am a bit disappointed that no one responded to my giveaway. I was hoping to start a movement, but I guess I didn’t put more of an effort into it, and no one cares. That was because I would have been placed in Facebook jail if I had posted the shirt pics there. Then I was nervous that no one would respond. Well, congrats to me, because that’s what happened. So what now? I plan to hold on to them for the time being. If anyone is even remotely interested, the male 2X shirt goes for $23.99 plus $7.35 for shipping and handling. The female 2X shirt goes for $21.99 plus $7.35 shipping and handling. You can refer to a previous post that has a picture if you want to see what they look like.

Work has been horrible has of late. This week, another driver handed in his or her resignation, which means my work load increases by a factor of two. I know not as to the identity of the driver. I never know where I’m going anymore, and that leaves me feeling unsettled. Two weeks ago, another driver quit. Before that, another driver had left. I’m wondering when will the bloodletting end? Right now, I feel like I’m walking through a haunted house in the dark. I know something will jump out at me, but where and when will it happen? I feel MUCH better when I know what I will be doing for tomorrow, next week, next month. I feel like quitting also. I do not like feeling this way. There are help wanted signs on all the buses and so far, we have one new driver, which does not help the situation. There was a time when there were 29 drivers. Now there are 17 drivers. No one wants to work. They all want to sit at home and collect unemployment, or that bird brain president Biden is paying people to stay home, while I work my ass off doing all the dirty work and running all over the county while using glue and duct tape to keep my sanity in check. If the shortage continues, I don’t see how the company can stay in business. However, by this time next year, I will be leaving the state for good.

Because of this unknown driver resigning, the bosses wanted me to work next week and pick another week off. I can’t because I’m going away, and I bought my tickets, suitcases are half packed, transportation to the airport is set up. I need to get away from this chaos before my sanity cracks like glass. I am not rebooking my flight, period, end of story. They will just have to deal. Even as I sit here, I feel unsettled because I might have to cover someone’s route either this afternoon, or tomorrow.

I got a job offer for a moving and storage company. I do want to go back to truck driving, but this place is far, and I remember how my car and I suffered having to drive 30 miles one way to work and enduring rush hour traffic, delays, and accidents due to idiots thinking the highway is a race course. I’m not doing that again. The only good thing about the current job is that its only three miles away, and I use the company vehicle.

If this nonsense reaches a point where what’s left of my sanity is at stake, I’ll just leave and worry about the ramifications later. I’m almost at the point of no return now. You don’t know what, or how I truly feel. I can only give you an idea of how it feels. I can’t stand it. The spirits assure me that rewards await me. I will not suffer in vain. They are the only ones that truly understand me.

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