Major Announcement

I am in the process of creating patriotic tee shirts that relates to my Take Back Our Nation From the Democrats post. Prices have not been set. I know I talked about offering tee shirts in a previous post, but I was not so sure about doing this, and my anxieties were telling me no. I was afraid. I have never done this before. This time, it will reach fruition. I have a good woman who is always at my side. I may do a giveaway to test the waters, so be on the lookout for that. I’m a bit nervous because I know how offended people can get when they see the American flag. No one can even wear a MAGA hat and not be accused of being racist! At the same time, I don’t care. Someone has to fight for this country, and it might as well be me, since everyone else would rather kneel in front of their Marxist masters. Someone has to stand up to these wannabe communists that seek to destroy this great nation

With that being said, let’s move on to this Mark Kaye video:

A friend turned me on to him, and his videos show up in my feed on occasion, or I search for them to see what is he talking about today. So I see that the CNN technical director is puffing out his chest, all proud of himself about getting Trump out by using propaganda, and making Biden look like a “young geriatric.” Reminds me of one of my paradoxes where I love cole shaw, but I hate cabbage. And if you did not know, CNN was the first 24 hour cable news network. Look how far they have come. They sold out their integrity for ratings. Good job CNN!

I am not a follower of Benny Johnson. I find that he takes too much time talking up his videos, and when he finally shows the video, I am usually less than impressed. But this video caught my eye. Indeed, I had posted about the Marxist BLM co-founder buying a house in Topanga Canyon. Listen to Candace, then tell me if you agree that BLM is elevating the black community.

So that’s all for now. I’m still feeling nervous about this venture that I am embarking upon. But I’m tired of being a wall flower. Time to be a dragon and breathe fire.

Thanks for reading my post. Be Your Greatest Version.

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