Feeling Uncomfortable

I have been feeling nervous and anxious this week due to the driver shortage. The situation is critical because another driver is leaving next week. Another driver wants to go on vacation, and I DO NOT want to do her route. New routes have been created by combining other routes, making them longer. I know not as to what will happen next week. All this uncertainty keeps me perpetually nervous. I never know what will happen day after day. This week I got lucky. I only had to cover a route on Monday, and that was a long garbage route. The rest of the week, I have been functioning as an aide on the route that I was supposed to have awarded, but a last minute plot twist eliminated that possibility.

I grow weary of the way things are now. I’m thinking of quitting. I received a few job offers, but I had to turn them down due to the location being too far away. I do not want to commute on the highway again. I already did that when I was working in Brentwood, and I hated every moment of it, especially in the winter. I am currently looking in the Postal Service, but I have not seen any openings in my area. The closest one is in Bellmore, which is much too far away from me. Since I’ll be here for roughly eleven months more, why leave now? Because I’m really unhappy being there. I would rather finish my time in NY with another company.

Tomorrow is Monday, and as usual, I won’t know if I have to cover for another driver until the phone rings. That sends my anxiety into overdrive. It literally takes the energy out of me and it leaves me feeling sick. If no call, then I work as an aide. Its hard work, but I get home at a decent time, I get along with the driver, I don’t have to drive, and I like the two girls in the wheelchairs that we pick up first.

I even grow weary to driving my assigned “put in” bus. Its a 2016 model that’s not very fast. I have driven the newer models and they are fun to drive with the more powerful gas V8. But mine is as slow as a Corvette with two flat tyres. I aim to fix that with two bottles of Lucas fuel injector cleaner at the next refuelling opportunity. I was thinking of adding Marvel Mystery Oil, but it would need a lot of it, given the huge gas tank, and I didn’t see any on the shelf when I went to Wal-Mart yesterday.

In happier news, one of the maintenance men told me yesterday that the face diaper requirement at the gym was no longer being enforced. That was the main reason why I stopped going. I went this morning and I had a great workout. But I wish they would put the “Health-O-Meter” scale back where it was before. It has been a year since I was there due to the whole pandemic nonsense, and I quickly noticed that my biceps, shoulders, pectorals, and quads needed work. I wore my new running tights and they felt great. Another pair is on the way from Amazon. Unfortunately, I learned that they were coming from China after I ordered them, hence the July 15th expected delivery date. When will I learn to not go for the bargains because they all seem to be made in China?

I bought a new Cuisinart food processor for mom two weeks ago, and surprise, it doesn’t work. There is a problem with the cover not locking with the bowl in order to engage the safety switch. It will not work unless the switch is activated. I want to return it to the store, but I have to wait because she forgot to give me the cutting blades. Brand new appliance, and I have to return it. I’m really disappointed. Mom has wanted a food processor for years. She finally gets one, she had her onions ready to put in, and nothing. Out of all the food processors on the shelf, I had to pick the defective one. Good job, old man. At least the Oster blender I bought works perfectly.

As usual, I may not sleep tonight because I’ll be too worried about what will happen tomorrow. Sleeping pills or chamomile tea before bed does not work because my mind will not turn off. Sucks to have anxiety, and to be stuck in a job where no one wants to stay despite a wage increase. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome.

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