Owens versus Klacik

I wanted to preface this blog post with this video I watched this morning. A friend told me that Candace is a pit bull in a pants suit when someone comes at her with teeth baring. So let’s get into this.

So a few days ago, I heard something about Candace attacking Kim with accusations of money laundering, that’s she’s an operative for the Democrats, she used to be a stripper, et al. And here I am defending Kim because I followed her on Facebook. She didn’t give any indication that she was running a racket. I remember she was in the running for the late Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat. But the one thing that stuck in my mind was that if she was running on such a positive platform as a Republican, and raised $2M with her ad campaign that featured her walking the streets of Baltimore with abandoned houses and talking about 53 years of Democratic rule, how did she lose to Kweisi Mfume, a Democrat? Here is a link:


One of my friends forwarded a video from The Officer Tatum on YouTube where he was talking about the Owens/Klacik dust up, but I wasn’t satisfied with his diatribe, so I was reading the comments, and someone posted a link to Candace’s Instagram where I found her video. I sat down and watched the whole thing, and I was shocked. I felt like a fool for defending Kim. Now it all makes sense. I’ll include a link to Kim’s charity called Potential Me and you can judge for yourself.


I watched snippets of a video by The Young Turks where Candace was talking about Juneteenth. I don’t want to post it because the host was so far left that it was disgusting. He was accusing her of being a sell-out, among other things. What? She’s a sell-out for exposing Kim as fraud? Good grief! Now I have heard everything! But the Juneteenth video seems to have started the Candace/Kim flame war. Okay, granted Kim may not agree with everything Candace had to say. If she disagreed with her on a topic, all she had to do was appear on Owen’s show and discuss it like grown adults, OR call or text her and discuss it privately.

Kim’s Facebook page is inactive. I thought her last video post at the top seemed cryptic. She went underground because Candace exposed her. I say good riddance. I don’t ever want to see her again. She can keep on living that stripper life, doing blow, and running a racket and spending taxpayer money until the government gets wind of it, and throws her bone butt in jail.

I wanted to say one more thing. I didn’t want to go the political route again, but you won’t see this on mainstream media, or Facebook, and I want to show you what is really going on behind the scenes, and let you make up your mind. Follow me for more content that you won’t see on Fox News or CNN. Thanks for reading my post, and have a most blessed day.

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