A Brief Introduction

So I was thinking about deleting this blog in its entirety since I am not having much luck with it. But a college friend reminded me that this could be my mouthpiece for saying what is on my mind without the threat of being censored. We are all familiar with Facebook censorship tactics. If you post something truthful, or something that Mark Zuckerberg, aka Z, doesn’t agree with, the post will either be censored, or you will get a notice saying that you “violated their community standards,” and you will not be able to post for 24 hours, or X amount of days. In layman’s terms, it is known as being in “Facebook Jail.”

Since I can’t say what’s REALLY on my mind there, I’ll say it here. You’ll see it all. Everything from what I think of that dumb as a rock, wannabe communist Biden, to Ivory Hecker, and her efforts to bring the truth to the masses. Because I can’t sit back and watch this great nation be destroyed by liberals, democrats, and wannabe socialists who want free stuff. GO WORK FOR IT, YOU BLOCKHEADS!!

As a disclaimer, those of you with weak constitutions may not like what I have to say. In that case, go follow another platform. I am tired of the weak ones running their mouth about stuff they know nothing about. Shut up! I’m not listening. All these washed up celebrities talking trash about our stars and stripes. Then go pledge allegiance to the flag of another country. Leave our flag alone. These ding bats couldn’t tell the difference between a shovel and a hole in the ground!

All right, so that’s a taste of what to expect from this platform. More to come. So strap in and hold on. I will either make up laugh out loud, or you will hate me to pieces. Eh, story of my life. Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned for the next one. That is, if I haven’t pissed you off yet.

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