Weekend Stuff

Facebook always asks the question “what is on your mind.” Well, I’ll say it here since I hate posting on that wannabe communist site. I get to fill in for a driver that I’m starting to hate to pieces. Her route is one of the most annoying routes ever, which was made worse when the matron was fired last week for sleeping on the job. He wasn’t fit to do the work anyway. He was as thin as a toothpick and as useless as a sweatband in the dead of winter. But the bosses have me covered. They’re gonna assign another matron to me. Well, that is totally the bee’s knees! I’m just giddy with excitement. I had to do her route last month and surprise, I get to do it AGAIN this month. All because of this damn driver shortage. So come Monday I have to go through the same go round and deal with the same foolishness. Double my displeasure, double my fun. I would have more fun swimming with electric eels.

I returned a Cuisinart food processor today because it was broken and took another one. That was a mistake. It was a gift for mom and she couldn’t get the cover latched. I was able to do it, but not without a considerable amount of effort. But she can’t because of pain in her hands. I was really upset. She really wanted a food processor, I buy a top line model, and it is a total bust. She came with me to return it and we bought a Ninja food processor .I like it a lot better. The cover is easier to latch, it has more controls on the base, doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, and it was on sale. I didn’t want to buy it the first time because it is a “professional” model, and mom only wanted a basic version. So I’m happy that she now has a food processor to chop her Vidalia onions.

On today’s episode of me being an idiot, I bought the wrong filter for my Brita water pitcher. It takes the standard filter, but I wanted to use the long life filter and avoid the two month filter change intervals. Well, cheese and rice, that filter does not fit. So tomorrow I have to go all the way back to Wal-Mart and buy the correct filter. Way to go, old man. I wanted to go to the gym, but screw it. Also forgot to pick up fizzy water at the supermarket, so that’s another waste of gas. Heh. I can’t win, but I certainly know how to lose.

I went to the car repair shop this morning to have my number plate lights fixed. The screws are rusted, so they have to drill them out. I’ll also need a new ignition lock cylinder and a key. That was no surprise. What annoyed me is that the parts the mechanic ordered to rebuild my number plate assembly don’t fit so I have to come back another day. So now I have to reschedule the blood draw appointment for next Saturday. And the Saturday after that I was going to have my rear windows tinted. I can’t get a break. I’ll be so glad when I am out of this accursed state and away from this job that keeps me in a constant state of anxiety.

Now there is talk of forced vaccinations. Either get the jab, or be fired. I’m not seeing that at my company, but if it comes to it, I’ll quit! I’m not getting a non FDA approved vaccine to satisfy wannabe Nazi wishes. You wannabe Nazis can muck off and go get stuffed. I’m not getting the vaccine. That’s it, PERIOD, end of story! If I have to be broke and eating out of rubbish cans, so be it.

So that is what’s on my mind. You can leave a comment if you wish or give it a like so I can keep bringing you more content.

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