Freedom Phone

Since exposing that wench Kim Klacik as a fraud, a sell out, and a person with no honour, Candace Owens is not resting on her laurels. I just happened to catch an Instagram video of her talking about this new Freedom Phone. True to her word, she does not endorse products, even though she gets offers from sponsors all the time. But she believes in this phone, otherwise she would not be promoting it. As usual, she is getting the hate that is typical whenever she posts a video. Anyone that hates her, and for what she stands for are the real communists! This phone is not connected to Google or Apple, and it uses a different operating system. Sounds good so far. Even the app store is not connected to Google, but it resembles it. From what I see in the video, all the apps I normally use would be available. I’m not crazy about the phone being manufactured in Hong Kong, but better there than China. I have enough Chinese junk in my house.

Which reminds me. I had ordered a matching set of running tights and a top, and I was kicking myself because it was coming from China. The package came a week ago and the tights barely fit, and so does the top, even though I had ordered the 2X size. No, I didn’t gain any weight since ordering! I can still wear the tights though, but I better not gain any weight.

At $499, even with a 10% discount, I’m not happy with the price. Perhaps it will come down when supply exceeds demand. I will wait on it for the moment. I posted a link to the video below:

Just wanted to note that Klacik is still nowhere to be found. Not that I miss her, of course. Probably went back to stripping, sniffing, riffing. Sneak. Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Comments are welcome, but please keep them clean.

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