Breaking Point

I am so upset right now. I’m lucky I haven’t broken anything because I’ve been throwing stuff since I walked in from work a few minutes ago.

How bad is it at work now? They have me playing musical buses because another driver quit last week. Instead of one or two buses, now I’m driving three!! I can count the number of buses I have driven on both hands. Tomorrow its back on another route with 230. Next week, its another route with 300. The following week I’m back with 230 and 211, which is my assigned vehicle. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS MUSICAL BUSES BULLSHIT! All because we can’t get any drivers because Brainless Leader Biden is paying people to stay home. The $300 extended benefit is supposed to end in September. I want to walk off the job right now. Honestly, I want to take the bus back to the yard, turn in everything, and walk home because my car is here. I can’t stand it!! What’s left of my sanity has eroded. And I have so much HATE for that Biden and that dim-witted recreational reptile Kamala that it is not funny.

I can’t get a Friday off, but another driver can? Fucking ridiculous! I need to see the urologist and I can’t get a day off for it! I am TIRED of the double standard. I can already predict who will quit next because all she does it take days off. I’m just tired. I work my ass off five days a week so people can stay home, sipping on Alize, and get paid whilst I’m all over the damn place! I really hate people right now. Lazy bastards who want everything for free. Know why its free? BECAUSE I PAID FOR IT WITH BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS! All I have to show for it is frayed nerves, insomnia, and contempt for the job.

I’m tired. I’m fucking tired. I don’t want to do this any more. People can stay home and enjoy their money. We’ll see what happens come September when the money train goes in the yard. I’m not putting up with this bullshit anymore.

One thought on “Breaking Point

  1. I agree that, for those people who are able, they should be out looking for a job. Our government wants people to depend on it for control sake, not because they care so much. Biden wants to control people’s
    every move, by blaming those who have chosen not to get vaccinated, making them out to be society’s worst nightmare, when in fact, the One-World-Order elitists, the ones who Biden serves, are the actual culprits who planned and paid for the release of Covid 19 and those that follow all the way up to 2031. Type into your search engine ‘Was Covid 19 planned?’ Then go to the stateofthenation website. They list tons of evidence. I hope you are sitting down when you read it.


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