New World Order

A friend left a comment on my angst riddled post Break Point, and suggested I visit the State of the Nation webpage. What I found was not shocking. Before I share what I found, I wanted to say a few things.

Mom is totally brainwashed by this Covid bullshit. She wears a face diaper in Wal-Mart when she does not have to. She is always asking me if I got vaccinated, and I always tell her no, and I will never get vaccinated. Covid cases are on the rise because of illegals storming the border. People who have been vaccinated are now required to wear a face diaper anyway. So what was the point of getting vaccinated? Seems to be that we’re on the way to another lockdown, and I will not comply. All the media talks about is Covid this, Covid that. CDC says do this, don’t do that. Shut up! I’m tired of hearing about it! This is all about population control. We’re supposed to trust our sham of a government, and no one has a damn clue that the government does not give a flying fuck about us. Ok, let me shut my mouth. Here’s the article:

In the past, I have shared clips of the Mark Kaye Show from Facebook. I was watching a clip from his show, and he was talking about how the social media platform demonetised his page. The official reason escapes me, but basically, they are saying he is repeating propaganda from other sources, which is ridiculous! I have never seem him repeat information from a untrustworthy news source. I see what Facebook is doing. Instead of banning him outright, they are sending a message that they want him to leave. Without monetisation, they can censor his content, which may force him to move to another platform. I don’t want to see him go, but he needs to do what is best for his show.

I wish I could post this pic that I am going to tell you about, but Facebook might flag it for violating their bullshit community standards since it will show up when I post the link to my page. This pic was posted by May Leen. The caption of this pic says:

there is a Twitter bot army promoting fear of the “delta variant” and pushing for more government imposed lockdowns.

The pic shows nine different names of supposed Twitter users. I can’t make out all of them since the pic is a bit blurred, but here are a few:

State Averse


Memo 104

Andrew Parker


One name looks like “danny” or “daney,” and there’s another one with a “=+” handle, but I can’t make out the name underneath. The other two are illegible. All of them have have the same post as seen below, exactly as written, minus the italics:

this is disgusting, masks and social distancing should be in place until minimum christmas time at the earliest, the government are clueless, the Delta variant should be taken seriously and we should go into a national lockdown to prevent it spreading.

So there you have it. There is no delta variant. It is all a ruse to scare us into another lockdown. Biden and his lackeys will go along with it like sheeple. But WE, THE PEOPLE, will not tolerate another lockdown and neither will my Congressman and future governor Lee Zeldin. It is time for us to come together and take back our country!

My sister just shared this with me, and I had to share it with you. Watch it soon before Z takes him up on his offer and bans him. Thanks for reading my post. Please like and comment. Have a great night.

2 thoughts on “New World Order

  1. A lot of people are fooled by this corona virus face mask malarkey. I am not one of them, though I wear one when our governor mandates it which I absolutely hate. Btw, some people do care about the black people, but some of the BLM group are very selfish and dishonest.


  2. The mainstream news media are in on all scare tactics issued by our New World Order governmental control-mongers, as we all notice daily. Please don’t think they care about anything but population control and putting the world into a police state.We are on the verge of seeing the New Age Christ, Maitreya, step up to become the next world ruler, claiming to be the hero and everyone’s god, doing all manner of miracles, but in reality, he is far from being the benevolent person he portrays himself to be. People, don’t be deceived by this wolf in sheep’s clothing!


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