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I heard about this nonsense on the radio this morning. As of August 16, if you want to see a Broadway, or off Broadway show, or maybe visit a museum in NYC, you have to show your vaccination card. Amazon is already offering vaccination card holders. This is such bullshit!! Its population control, plain and simple. Unvaccinated people like me are treated like fourth class citizens. We know this so called vaccine is dangerous, and yet, people are still buying into this narrative. Click on the above link for more info.

If you still don’t want to take off the rose coloured glasses, I have another gem to share with the class. Just click on the link:

Our hated governor Cuomo was found guilty of sexually harassing 11 women. There are calls for him to resign, but like the true despot that he is, he will not abdicate. Seems like the only way to get him out is to force him. I would prefer him being physically dragged off this throne, and thrown out the door like garbage. Get out and stay out! That would make my year. I find it funny that Brainless Leader Biden says he should resign. Poppycock! I bet his handlers told him to say that. He hasn’t had one original thought since being installed in the WH by the Chinese Communist Party.

I am so worn out from the past two days. A driver was out and I had to do his dirty work. I have been taking aspirin for the aches and pains from driving on our washboard surface highways all day. I didn’t sleep even though I took an aspirin before bed. Maybe it wasn’t strong enough. I’m saving the Tylenol Arthritis pill for when I really need it. I could get addicted to them. Actually had thoughts of hanging myself, but that would be trading one form of torture for another. Not gonna do it. I already lost a friend to suicide years ago. It still hurts me that she’s gone. But I am excited that my daughter’s birthday is coming. Unfortunately, her gift will not arrive in time. Oh well. I love my daughter to pieces, and I hope she likes it.

Really? Big Bird for governor? After what we went through with Cuomo? No way! It would mean the rise of Marxism! Its bad enough that I will never see my hometown of Brooklyn ever again because of the demon rats. It is a damn shame that NYC has gone downhill. Its not the same place I grew up in. Criminals are untouchable, but if you preach truth, you’re a enemy of the state and subject to arrest. This idiot will never, ever, EVER, be governor. Not whilst I still draw breath. Click on the link below:

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2 thoughts on “The Latest in News and Everything Else

  1. Andrew Cuomo is guilty of sexual harassment and so is Biden. Biden may not have made threats to any of his victims like Cuomo has, not that I have found in my research yet. However, it seems odd that Biden is so insistent on Cuomo’s step down as governor when Biden should be stepping down also as President for the very same offense. As Biden adjusts his halo, he continues his pious call for Cuomo’s removal. Go figure!


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