I Don’t Know What to Think…

One of my Patriot friends shared a link with me which I’ll post below as I always do. I’m not shocked by what I saw, but it leaves me feeling disturbed. We are edging closer and closer to a Orwellian world. I remember from the book that if you don’t follow the narrative, or go against it, you can be ratted out to Big Brother by your “comrades.” Family members and children are not exempt. Then you’re kidnapped and taken away for indoctrination. Reading that book left me depressed for a few days.

This site is disgusting! It encourages you to report unvaccinated family, friends, and neighbours for a chances to be entered into a sweepstakes for a measly $2,500. Doesn’t anyone see what it going on here? Instead of coming together to defeat our tyrannical government, they are pitting us against each other! Why can’t anyone see this? WE, THE PEOPLE, need to put aside our differences, come together, and fight the powers that be! Oh yes, the site tells you that its a non government agency. Oh well, that makes it so much better! The creeps that run this site should be arrested for treason! They’re no longer Americans in my view. Anyway, that’s enough of my diatribe.


I wanted to mention that you can find my posts on Parler. I still post to Facebook for the time being, but when I have a post with strong content that may get me thrown in Facebook jail, it will be found on Parler only. I don’t have any followers there now, but hopefully I will gain some in the future. Sometimes I wonder why do I do this when no one seems to care about where the country is headed. Well, its because I refuse to go down with the ship. I will keep fighting for this country, and getting the truth out since no one else seems to give a flying fuck.

Thanks for reading my post. Please like and comment if you so desire. Have a wonderful day, and Be Your Greatest Version.

One thought on “I Don’t Know What to Think…

  1. I care very much where this country is headed, and that website author has stooped to an all-time low. I won’t be reporting any of my family nor friends, no matter how much they offer me. How sad and pathetic!


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