More Cuomo Stuff

I found this article today after my last post a few hours ago, so consider this an add on. I’m not surprised that Prince Andrew tried to discredit one of his accusers. It just shows how much of a despot he really is. He even fancies himself at the frontman of the MTA. What he says is law! And that’s why “Train Daddy” Andy Byford left his post. I’m even more surprised that the investigation went through. I thought he would squash it. I guess our AG can’t be bought. Click on the link to read about it:

I found this next video by accident. What this whistle blower had to say is very interesting. I feel terrible for this woman. He wanted to silence her and make her disappear. I have no words, other than I hate Cuomo down to his last blood cell.

Shout out to my sister from another mister Jen Baker. An amazing woman who fought through her challenges to be her greatest version. And my big sister Renea, whose talent for home décor is in a class of its own. That’s all for now, thanks for reading this post. Have a great night.

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