I Have Something To Tell You…

If you are thinking about getting inoculated, I need you to read this first.

One of my Patriot friends sent me a Tik Tok video that featured a woman talking about the so called vaccine, but it was deleted, and she did not record it before sending it to me. She was telling about what she was talking about, and it is frightening!!

It really does change your DNA so that you are no longer human, and if you get sick, there is the possibility that you will die because conventional treatments will no longer work. In other words, the common cold can kill you, because the immune system will no longer be able to recognise foreign invaders. and it will run wild. There is a possibility that younger women will not be able to have children due to the change in DNA. My mom and my girlfriend were inoculated, and now I am extremely worried about them. If they die due to forced vaccination, then I PROMISE you there will be a swift and massive retaliation to avenge their deaths.

I beg of you, please do not get the “vaccine!” It is not a vaccine! Please, PLEASE, don’t do it!! We must resist where there is time. Check out the link below. This is the brain child of that sub human Bill Gates:


Please share this far and wide. We need to get the word out. They want us to comply and get “vaccinated.” Let’s show them that WE, THE PEOPLE, will not comply! Let us stand together and resist the powers that be. Thanks for reading my post. Have a blessed day, and happy birthday to my wonderful daughter!

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