Lethal Injection

Okay kids, better buckle up and hold on because I have a few videos to share with you, and they are truly frightening.

A fellow Patriot and one of my sisters from another mister shared this video this morning. First thing I noticed that 21 people gave it a thumbs down. Why? This is concrete evidence that these jabs are dangerous! Then there is the still picture below. I HATE needles! Whenever I get my blood drawn, I always asked for the butterfly needle. But I remember a clinician telling me that there is no difference between the regular and the butterfly. So when I had blood taken from me this past Saturday, the clinician used a regular needle, and I was not so scared. But I still hate having blood drawn. Anyway, I’ll shut up so you can watch the video:

If you work in the health care field, you may find this next video interesting. Even if you’re not a medical professional, you may find it interesting. This is more evidence that these injections are dangerous; if you will kindly click on the link below:


I LOVE this next video to pieces!! The Italians are doing it right! Why can’t we do this here? Oh yeah, because of the liberals, the wannabe communists and all the democratic socialists that embrace Marxism and loathe capitalism. Viva Italia!

This one was not easy for me to sit through because he talks too fast for my taste and he’s too loud. My ears are sensitive to noise. But I understood what he was saying, and I agree with him.

I am very fortunate that no one called out this morning, so I was able to return at a decent time to work on this post without being so bedraggled.

Ok, so this is the final video I wish to share. She is on point.

Almost forgot this one:


I think that’s enough videos for now. I want to thank my Patriots for sharing uncensored media with me so I can share it with you. Mostly because if they dare post it to Facebook, they will be rattling the bars in Facebook jail. I remarked to one of my sisters that Z reminds me of Octavian, who changed his name to Augustus Caesar after becoming Emperor of Rome, and to honour his birth month. I see nothing in his eyes like he feels and cares about nothing. Or he’s a puppet for Satan. Just my take on it.

Thanks for reading my post. I am sure there will be more bombshells to come regarding the lethal injection. Have a good day, and remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

One thought on “Lethal Injection

  1. Even before reading your article here, I knew those Covid vaccines were bad news. Legitimate websites have shown that Luciferase, a DNA-altering chemical (called by a different name, of course) makes the recipients hybrid humans, easier to control, and even causes death to many people. I have even wondered if mind-control has also been done, such as recipients becoming highly violent, doing shootings etc., because of subliminal suggestions being given to them. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind ever trust our. government’s endorsement of ANYTHING, the same government that has lied to us many, many years about their knowledge of extraterrestrials. Our government has lied about all kinds of things, one being that the U.S. government’s military would, once and for all, help Afghanistan get completely rid of the Taliban and other types of terrorists. Our government has shamefully reneged on that promise, causing good generals to speak out about this shameful behavior. Biden’s response to war is to turn tail and RUN!!! I am all for nationalism, though, just not for progressive presidents who are puppets of the One World Order, the police state.


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