Before I get into the intended topic, I have sad news to share.

This morning, my assistant was telling me about his brother who works at Tyson Foods. He called him in tears, saying he can’t walk! He lost all feeling below the waist and in his back. What really hurts is that this happened after he got the poison jab. If you do not know, Tyson Foods mandated that all of their employees be inoculated against Covid-19. This is why I share uncensored media and I beg of my readers to not get this “vaccine.” He is in physical therapy now. Hopefully he will recover. In the meantime, the brother could sue them, and I hope he does.

So it is clear to me that the poison jab may not kill you, but it can leave you with some type of disability, which seems to vary from person to person. I saw a Facebook post where Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines will NOT mandate the poison jab for their employees. Hooray for them! I’m hopeful to fly Southwest again to Wyoming to spend Yule with the girlfriend and daughter.

Okay, so lets go into what I wanted to talk about. My Jewish friend who I love to pieces recently had a birthday, and I tagged her in a video on Facebook. But the rat bastards didn’t post the video along with my birthday wishes! I sent it to her DM box. So it seems like any videos containing Jewish themes cannot be posted. I wonder what else is censored, other than the truth about the poison vaccine. Its certainly not child porn. That does not violate Facebook community standards. Here is the “offensive” video:

That’s all I have for today. Hopefully I will have more by the end of the week. Have a good day, and remember tomorrow is Friday.

One thought on “Censorship

  1. A few years ago on Facebook, someone had posted a video of someone not seen except for his hands, slicing the throat of a baby, called ‘snuffing’. An acquaintance told our group members where to find this video on Facebook. NOW Facebook censors your Jewish Happy Birthday video?!!!


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