Vaccination Cards

I am really angry this morning. I read something about how that gibbering idiot Biden is considering requiring vac cards for interstate travel, and possibly air travel. I don’t know if its true or not, but it frightens me. Meanwhile, everyone is being the SHEEPLE that they are and going to get the poison jab. A well respected friend on Facebook bragged that she is going to get her second Moderna shot. Ohhhhhh, gooood for her! If she suffers any debilitating side effects, don’t say anything to me. Can no one see what is going on here? CAN NO ONE SEE THAT THIS IS ABOUT POPULATION CONTROL? No, because everyone trusts that the government is doing what’s best for us and going to vac centres like good little lambs.

The vac card requirement has already showing up where I live. At a theatre in Port Jefferson, vac cards and face diapers are now required to see a performance, whether you are “vaccinated” or not. I wonder how far will this go? Will a vac card be needed to purchase gasoline? Go to the doctor and/or shopping? And everyone is so cool with it! All these wannabe communist and socialists are fine with this! I don’t like it. At this point, I am willing to give up this accursed citizenship and go live in Jamaica. I would rather be shot during a robbery that be slowly poisoned by a “vaccine.”

No one can see what’s going on here. I work so hard to get the word out, and no one cares. This country is on its way to ruin and no one sees it; no one gives a flying fuck. All the people who hate the flag and kneel when the anthem is played are so happy that this country is being destroyed, and that makes me sick! All of them have no honour, no respect, no constitutions. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

I’m tired. I’m tired of standing on this soapbox and asking everyone to take off the rose coloured glasses and fight the power, and fight for your rights, fight for your freedom. If you’re okay with destroying this country, standing on our flag, getting the poison jab, embracing socialism, communism, and being anti American, then you do you. Just don’t do it around me, my Patriot friends, or my neighbourhood. But I stand on this broken down and creaking soapbox because SOMEONE has to fight for this country and all it stands for. If I have to do it by myself, so be it. Because I feel that this is one against an army, and I will fight to the death.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a blessed weekend.

One thought on “Vaccination Cards

  1. Chris, sure anyone can trust our government, just ask any whale and Native American (and the migrants of Afghanistan)!!! People, wake up!!!


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