Vaccine Hesitant

I happened upon these two videos that I wish to share with you. First of all, I HATE looking at Mark Zuckerburg, who I refer to as Z. He reminds me of Octavian, also known as Augustus Caesar, the Emperor of Rome. There’s something creepy about him, aside from the obvious. I see and feel such contempt from his unfeeling eyes that it repels me like a poisonous snake. It would be easier to read the energy from a serial killer. Without further ado, please watch these videos that were brought to you by Project Veritas:

So this next one is a bit scary, but I’m not the least bit surprised. Such evil goes on behind the scenes at Facebook. Z and his cohorts clearly do not have everyone’s best interests in mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a communist hiding in plain sight:

Now, concerning the debacle in Afghanistan, I an still quite angry with a certain socialist who, despite the evidence, still supports the cinder block head Biden. But I have not said anything about it for now. There are bigger problems to worry about. Where does this country go from here? We are the laughing stock of the whole planet. Russia could send in a commando unit and place the Russian flag on the White House, and there would be no opposition from the Democrats or the Republicans. And the Chinese Communist Party are probably dancing a jig when they see the chaos going on here. WHERE DO WE GO NOW?

We’re at rock bottom. The Taliban controls Afghanistan, has most of our military equipment, Biden is a clueless idiot who doesn’t know what’s going on, Kamala has turned against him, screaming that she will not go down with the ship, the red headed menace Jen Psaki will be “out of the office” for a week, inflation is up, so is the cost of gas, the Democrats, communists, Marxist, and criminals are running wild. The sad truth is, there is no place to go but up. We had better start climbing, or all is lost.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day and Be Your Greatest Version.

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