Hurricane Henri

I wonder if Introvert Soapbox HQ will remain standing after tomorrow…

The hurricane alerts were blowing up my phone yesterday and I was really annoyed with that. Yesterday was a difficult day at work thanks to one driver being off, and another calling in sick, so I had DOUBLE the work load and I was listening to Spotify to keep me from walking off the job. I am still sore and sleepy from yesterday.

I remember Hurricane Gloria from 1985 when I was living in Brooklyn. Just a lot of wind and rain, and I lived in a six story apartment building. I remember we had Irene and then Sandy a year later. I still remember all the downed power lines and my car was running on fumes because of gas shortages. Plus, the gas gauge on my car wasn’t working, and the low fuel light was always on. Now I have to deal with Henri and the potential for devastation. This storm will make landfall on the south shore tomorrow morning and could go straight across before it threatens CT. Usually these hurricanes lose strength and are downgraded to a tropical storm after they make landfall .I’m hoping that happens, otherwise, this could be Sandy all over again

I am extremely worried about losing power for weeks. PSEG is not the greatest when it comes to restoring electricity in a timely fashion. I charged both of my phones, bought batteries for my LED lantern, the rechargeable flashlights are ready, and I have plenty of water. I wanted to park my car in a open spot without trees, but they are all over the place. If the wind is strong, I’ll have to move it somewhere.

I feel really numb and alone now. As I look out my window, I can see that it rained a bit, but its quiet for now. If I do lose power, I’ll have to make the best of it, and be prepared to throw away all the food in my fridge if the outage lasts longer than 24 hours. PSEG has been texting me saying they have over 3,000 workers on standby for power outages. That doesn’t help me to feel any better, given their track record.

Meanwhile, I purchased my first painting this week. The seller has already framed it, and she will ship it once this hurricane has passed. I also purchased a model of a vehicle that I plan on painting. That should keep me busy when I’m not working on finding uncensored content to present to you. The paint has been shipped, and I’m still waiting on the brushes. The girlfriend is on her way back to Wyoming after meeting with mum and dad. She made to Georgia in record time. In her defence, she can’t do 55. Mom has plenty of supplies. I helped her bring her plants inside.

One sister will not be affected be this hurricane because she lives upstate. Another sister lives in Tennessee, another is in Florida, and she is as used to hurricanes as I am used to nor’easters. A cousin in CT will definitely get the brunt of this storm. I hope she does not lose her house. I hope I don’t lose my place. The darker it gets outside, the more concerned I get. I expect everything to go black at some point tomorrow.

That’s all I have to say now. My stomach is in knots. I can’t write any more. Thanks for reading my post. I ask for prayers, good thoughts, well wishes.

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