El Hamaca de Joe Biden

This is not the same country I grew up in. Brainless Leader visited this tri-state area this week, and residents let him know just what we think of him. Someone shouted: “resign, you tyrant!” I love that. I don’t see anyone calling for his impeachment. This country has sold out to communists, Marxists, Antifa, and the Taliban. Of course, the socialists would disagree. Do the earth a favour, and shut your traps! I don’t want to hear anything coming out of his mouth. Its all garbage, and propaganda. Look at the following article:


I worry so much about the future of this country. I don’t read, or watch the news anymore. Only if I’m doing research. I have friends that have anxiety about what’s going on, and as a healer, I must put my own anxieties to the side to help them deal with their challenges. That’s what I do. So much doom and gloom in the world, and I hate to talk about it because it only helps people who already have anxiety and other challenges to fall deeper down the rabbit hole of despair. But I’m just getting the word out that WE, THE PEOPLE, need to come together and fight this evil tyranny that has been laid at our feet. Otherwise, all is lost.

I have a few videos to share with the class. This one comes from Ivory Hecker. I love this woman. She works hard to get the truth out there, just as I do. Fox News is only afraid of her when she’s in the building, because she will call them out on the propaganda that they broadcast as news. So anyway, this is her latest video and I included a previous post from yesterday.

So here’s a video from a Soap Boxer. I almost forgot about it. I have been so scatter brained as of late, and it didn’t help that I was feeling sick this morning

And to prove how scatter brained I have been feeling, I almost forgot this Ivory Hecker post from yesterday regarding GoFundMe. I remember my sister asked me to help a young woman who was in the hospital, and needed money to pay her rent, which was in arrears. The goal was $1,000. I donated $35 simply because she asked me to help. After the stunt that GoFundMe did, I will never donate through them again.

I came upon a one car accident as I was driving my people to program. I pulled over to see what I could do. The whole right side front of the car was sheared off. What did she hit? I assume it was the pole. It was raining all morning and the roads were slick. It was occupied by two females. The driver was ok, the passenger suffered cuts and bruises. Half of me wanted to get in and drag her out, but that might aggravate any internal injuries she may have. If the car was on fire, then I would have dragged her out. All I could do was call 911 and advise the other drivers of the accident via radio. I had to get my people to program as it was already late. Thankfully, after I was on my way, I saw the police coming from the opposite direction.

Yeah I know, I almost forgot this post too. And I’m the one with a missed calling in journalism. Yeah, right. Another Ivory Hecker post from a few days ago.

If you have any articles you would like to share with me because you’re afraid of posting them on Facebook, you can post the link in the comments section, or send an email. Thanks for reading my post. Have a blessed day, and Be Your Greatest Version.

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