Indoctrination in Our Schools

I have wanted to talk about this, but I was so pissed about Klacik filing a lawsuit against Candace Owens that I completely forgot about it. So let’s dive in.

Whilst perusing YouTube for related content for my previous post, I came upon a video from Project Veritas about a teacher that freely talks about being pro ANTIFA, which is a contraction of “anti fascists,” and actively recruiting students to his cause. I’ll let you listen to him. I cannot sit and listen to the garbage coming out of this mouth. Makes me want to do very bad things to him.

Yeah, I know. If you have children in school, this is what could be going on in the classroom, and you would have every right to be angry. I worry about the world we’re leaving for our children, and their children. I worry about my grandchildren growing up in a world where the police are seen as the enemy, but drug dealers, gangsters, and thugs can operate above the law. If you can, have a meeting with the prospective teacher for your son or daughter and ask them about their teaching methods, and observe the prospective classroom. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you suspect anything that is not right, take your child out right away.

Fortunately, the above video has a happy ending, as shown here:

So let’s move on to another example of educators behaving badly. This teacher is supposed to be teaching chemistry, but instead, she is talking about politics and not being afraid to show her hatred for Donald Trump. Just standing here, all proud of herself, and oblivious to her students laughing at her. Behold:

Look who I found on YouTube. The NY congresswoman (yeah, right) that I love to hate to pieces: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka “Occasional Cortex,” or just plain “Olive Oyl.” I was wondering why she hasn’t said anything about Afghanistan. If she can put words together to form a coherent sentence, its a victory.

I hate Fox News to pieces. Nothing but propaganda comes out of their unwashed pie holes. But I do enjoy seeing our dullard congresswoman get roasted over a stupid tweet as seen below. Good job, AOC. You should win an award for being as dumb as a mouse eating spoiled cheese.

I’m still waiting for her to fall into an open manhole. Accidents happen. Ooops.

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