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I wonder how many people on the planet think that Perez and Paris Hilton are related.

Hello Soap Boxers. This has been a very stressful week. As usual, I’m being pulled in different directions at work. On multiple occasions, I have wanted to quit. As in take this job and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and walk home. I’ve had enough of being dragged all over the county doing other people’s work. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. I have a few things that are a lot more interesting than my problems at work.

I was listening to Mark Kaye talk about an article in the Washington Post. I have shared clips of his radio show before, but this time I decided to look up the article in question and post it here rather than have you listen to him drone on and on about it. Don’t let this Philip Bump convince you that Trump is a liar. I live in NY, and I have seen the crime spike when the democrat Marxist Mayor deBlasio defunded the NYPD. Former Governor Cuomo was responsible for nursing home deaths, and our new Governor Hochul is a female version of him, but at least she is not an octopus with her male aides.

This video warms my heart. If we can have unity like that in every state, perhaps we can topple this corrupt Biden administration. I originally saw it on Benny Johnson’s page, but I am tired of listening to him talk up a video for what seems like hours before it plays, and after. Nobody has time for that. Have a look:

A friend from England who is a proud socialist and supporter of Biden was unfriended, or more like kicked to the curb yesterday. I cannot be friends with anyone who supports that wannabe dictator because she hates Trump, and indirectly supports the destruction of these United States. And I remember one of her messages was about how close we were to a dictatorship when Trump was president. We’re going through that right now! So goodbye and good riddance to her and her socialist cohorts in crime.

I recently had a vision, and in this vision, I’m wearing something that resembles a cross between a poncho and a cloak. It is very important for me to have this cloak because it is part of a prophecy I must fulfill. I have checked out Etsy and Amazon, but none of them have what I want. I might have to have one custom made. I also need a staff, but I hate the one that I have seen thus far. If I cannot find a suitable one, it will have to be hand crafted.

Here are two clips from the fearless Ivory Hecker concerning Nicky Minaj getting banned from Twitter for asking important questions about the so called “vaccine.” She was even invited to the White House for a “secret meeting.” Talk about things that make you go hmmmmm….

So that’s all the news for now. Thanks for reading this latest update. Have a good day and Be Your Greatest Version.

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