The AOC Files

The Federal Government is infringing on your rights as a U.S. citizen to take a “vaccine” has not been proven to be safe. Don’t retreat into the darkness of communism and the mandates of a wannabe dictator. Let us march toward the sunshine of freedom and liberty. WE, THE PEOPLE, can make a difference, TOGETHER.

Hello and good morning, Soap Boxers. I’m back with more uncensored media to share with you. This will be a short post. Hold the applause please.

I was listening to Mark Kaye talk about the infamous dress that our dullard congresswoman known as the AOC wore at a elitist party and he’s going on and on about how she got the idea from singer Joy Villa, who was rocking this dress at the 2017 Grammys as seen below:

As usual, I won’t subject you to his droning on and on. That’s why I went to the source. But anyway, here’s a link with pictures of Joy Villa’s dress versus the AOC. That’s where the dullard got her inspiration. Seems like she knows someone who is dress maker. She is flaunting it at the party like she’s a model. All proud of herself. Please. She couldn’t tell the difference between a catwalk and a cakewalk. Anyway, here ya go:

I think Joy wore it better. What say you? This only proves that the demon rats couldn’t come up with an original thought, even if they tried. One would think that the Tax the Rich slogan would apply to AOC right? Nah. Members of Congress are exempt from their own edicts. So while you and I pay taxes, the dullard is free to spend her money, and not pay the government a cent in taxes. I bet all the liberals and socialists were seeing red when Joy wore the MAGA dress. I would have paid money to see the look on their faces. Wannabe communist bastards. They will get their just desserts in time.

Here’s tip for you, AOC: if you’re going to model a dress, it helps to be a “Raquel Welch” rather than a “Olive Oyl.” Only people of a certain age will know what I mean. So that’s all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and enjoy the rest of your day. Be Your Greatest Version.

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