Saturday News

Hello Soap Boxers, and my apologies for being away for so long. I have been so tired because I am covering for yet another driver on vacation, and playing musical buses. The running joke is what bus have I NOT driven? I am so fed up with it that its not funny. But anyway, I have a few videos to share with the class. You can download the YouTube videos by using the 4K Video Downloader in the Google Play Store, Without further ado, here we go.

Even though Dictator Biden mandated that all business with 100 or more employees get the jab, so far, my company has not forced me to get it, but we do have to comply with that crooked Governor Hochul’s state wide face diaper mandate.

I came across a clip from the Mark Kaye Show about MSNBC reporter Tiffany Cross on a racist tirade directed at South Carolina Republican senator Tim Scott. I bet she’s a demon-rat who supports BLM, Dictator Biden, and vaccine mandates. I could not listen to this garbage for more than a few minutes. I hate the sound of her voice.

I came across a video from Ivory Hecker on Instagram. No need for me to talk it up. Ivory explains it all. Behold:

So much evil is present in the world today. It makes me so stressed out and upset at times. One party rule, despots, and these damn socialists who want stuff for free are destroying this country. Extended unemployment benefits ended this month, but we’re still shorthanded at the job. How are people getting over? I hate to say it, but since most Americans are now too lazy to work, we might as well offer the jobs to the illegals. I know, I know, but companies are going out of business because they don’t have the staff to run the business. The East Winds Catering Hall a few miles from me could be offering $30/hour for catering staff, and STILL no one would apply! That’s the state of the world today, my friends.

How about I share some good news for a change? Well, I purchased my first paintings, and the seller will be shipping them next week. An artist friend recommended I buy them. I believe the girlfriend will like the second painting because it has turquoise as one of the colours. Nothing hangs on the walls in my sitting room and hallway except for cobweb remnants, and the painting will add colour to my drab walls.

After 9pm yesterday, I was washing dishes in the kitchen when there was two loud bangs at the front door. I was so scared that I was shaking, and I couldn’t move for a few seconds. I instantly got flashbacks of when I was living in a complex with a drug house on one side and loud neighbours on the others. I remember how they used to kick the screen door multiple times a day. Then I remember when the sheriff came knocking to serve me with an eviction notice. That’s why I don’t like to answer the door. I felt so violated. After I collected myself, I went outside to check my car and bus for any damage in case I was being targeted. The bus and the car suffered no damage. Whoever did it didn’t kick the door at least. Just thinking about it causes alarms to go off. Any loud noise can trigger a flashback. THIS IS WHAT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE PTSD. It never occurred to me to call security. I made a complaint to the office before I went shopping.

I’m still upset over the door banging, but I’ll get over it in time. This is the first time it has happened here. And I remember when I moved here, I expected a break in, my apartment trashed, and the N word written everywhere. Anyway, that’s all the news for now. I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. Be safe, be strong, you got this.

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