Another One Bites the Dust

I wanted to talk about a strange incident that resulted in the unfriending of a long time U.K. friend. But first, I wanted to share this article that came across my Facebook feed. I regret if the news causes you anxiety. But everyone needs to see this:

For some reason, the original article on my feed would not post. Same thing with another article. But I finally found one that will post. Anyway, let me tell you about what happened yesterday.

My friend Emma messaged me yesterday. I had not talked to her in months, so I was excited to hear from her. What set my alarm bells off is how cold she acted. Like I was a stranger. She tells me she has seen my name on some sort of lottery in the U.K. and wanted to know if they had contacted me, and I said no. I didn’t enter any kind of lottery and it sounds like a scam. She denied it and says that she received money from them. She suggested I message this agent Ashley Hill so I could “claim my winnings.”

I get in touch with this person, who has a Facebook page, but the name of which escapes me. I do remember it has lots of pictures of FedEx drivers making a delivery to these lucky recipients. I ask her to take my name off this list. I am not interested in any winnings. I don’t live in the U.K. How could I have won a lottery in a foreign country when I have not left American soil in decades? And I do not think Americans qualify for foreign lotteries. She’s still hitting me with the hard sell. Okay, so I play along. Knowing that this must be some kind of scam, I ask her how much do I have to pay to get my winnings? She says a thousand pounds. For those of you that don’t know, the British monetary denomination is in pounds.

I asked her multiple times to take my name off this list. She then proceeds to send videos of people who are testifying about their winnings as proof that it is not a scam. I am unmoved. The hard sell continues until I block her.

Emma comes on and asks did I get in touch with her and I said yes. Its a scam. Why should I have to pay for something that I allegedly won? She again denies up and down that its a scam. I tell her I don’t have the money. She says tell her how much you can pay. That did it for me. I told her I was not working, so I had no money. She says “ok then,” and that ended the conversation.

That left a bad taste in my mouth. Why would my so called friend set me up for a scam like that? She has changed so much. So cold and unfeeling. I was involved in a scam many moons ago, and it cost me thousands of dollars because I was a bloody idiot. I removed her. She has made is clear that she has no honour. So now my only friends from foreign countries are two Canadians, and one from Singapore. No more U.K. friends. Oh well. I don’t regret it.

Thanks for reading this latest update. Either I’m on a roll with two posts in one day, or I’m slipping. Nah. Just didn’t want to dump everything in one long post. Anyway, have a good weekend.

One thought on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. I got a scam letter today from the ‘ automatic promo code’ of one of the ads in this post, supposedly from a ‘Jim Davis’. I did online research and found out it was a smooth-talking scam scheme. Don’t fall for it, readers! Great article, Chris! 😀


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