Just Talking About Stuff

Hello everyone. I am not feeling like myself today. I have a lot on my mind. I believe I am doing something wrong because I’m not where I should be at this point in time. I have tried to do something different, but I get the same results. I’m tired of being in this position all the time. Seems like no one cares about what I have to say, but I’ll say it anyway because I refuse to remain silent. I actually have time to post, but then why bother? Because I have a journalism side that doesn’t want me to give up on my writing.

I miss the days when I would read the Wall Street Journal like some financial wizard. Following the Dow Jones Industrial Average, looking at stocks, reading the price percentage gainers and losers. IPO’s, and news from the financial sector. How much revenue IBM made in the third quarter after a charge against earnings because they acquired a small company. That’s how I learned about how Wall Street works. Goldman Sachs was on Broad Street, near the Ferry Terminal. I always wanted to work there in the messenger room. I knew of Bruce Bent, who worked for Parmalee Management many moons ago. I had a few friends who worked there also. Also knew of Wayne Lang, who had his own Fortune 500 company. Its funny that I’m rubbing elbows with all these big shots in the investment firms and me being so broke that I was lucky I wasn’t eating out of the garbage every night. I’ll never forget the time when I had no food in my little room except for one can of tuna. That was my dinner.

I saw a Fox News report on Facebook that Governor DeSantis is offering $5,000 to any out of state law enforcement officers who would relocate to Florida. I thought that was suspicious since this is Fox News, and all they talk about is propaganda, so I checked it out, and yes it is true as seen in the article below.

This state will not challenge Brainless Leader on his mandates since Governor Hocul and her cabinet are against the police. I’m surprise none of them have visible brown noses, given his alleged issues with flatulence and bowel movements. I’m surprised the NYPD has not been dissolved yet, but it could happen since Marxist mayor Bill DeBlasio always gives them the finger. And he is thinking about running for governor! What? NOT ON MY WATCH! If something is not done, NYC will turn into a lawless city; if it hasn’t already. I will never set foot in the city again because I’m too afraid. But before you chuckle and giggle, let me tell you what the city was like when I was growing up.

I was a teen when the crack epidemic hit in the early 1980’s. Crime spiked to all time highs in the five boroughs. It was as bad as when Son of Sam was on the loose, and women were terrified of being the next victim. Teens were dying from drug overdoses, people were getting shot and/or robbed. I was robbed a few times, and I got shot with a BB gun. Riding the subway was a dangerous game, because subway crime went way up. The Bernhard Goetz subway shooting was big news here. Burned out and abandoned buildings in the South Bronx, and open drug dealing in the street. I used to hear gun shots in my old neighbourhood, and I would hit the floor when shots rang out. The difference between then and now was the increased police presence. Every now and then, I saw a transit cop on the train and the bus. Police cars on patrol were seen in my neighbourhood. Despite the crime, we knew the police were doing all they can. Life went on. I still went to school and hung out with my friends.

It is quite different where I live. The County Executive stands behind our police department, they’re still doing their jobs, and the anti cop sentiment is not as pervasive here as it is in the city. But out here, people seem to have no fear of the police. They do whatever they want, often nearly wrecking the company vehicle in the process.

So I need to vent for a bit. On my Instagram, I get a friend requests from women on occasion who seem nice, so I accept. Then I get a message in my DM box asking can they get to know me better. On my page, it says that I’m in a relationship. What makes these women think I will change my mind? I know women were not interested in me when I was young and ugly with no money or car, but now they’re interested because I shaved my head, got new eyewear and have a car? Get stuffed already! Maybe I need to make the message a little more clear. Maybe post her picture so they have no need to ask. And my sister gets messages in her DM box constantly from men that want to either copulate with her, or nude pics. We are quite the pair.

That’s all I have for now. I wish everyone a good rest of your week.

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