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Hello everyone. Thank the gods it is Friday, or Freyja’s day. I should be in a joyous mood because I’m here, but that has been tempered by the Friday morning traffic I had to endure while working. Anyway, let’s get to what I have to say and share.

I was listening to a report on the radio this morning about Island Harvest being concerned that county residents here may go hungry for this upcoming Thanksgiving due to rising costs and being unemployed. At first, I was quite cross when I heard that because how in the world could anyone be unemployed, when off the top of my head, I can name TEN places that are hiring. Then I realised that the high unemployment rate is due to people either being furloughed or fired for not taking the so called vaccine. These companies are completely oblivious to the fact that they’re hurting themselves, and the economy in the process. Island Harvest says they will do what they can to ensure that no one in need of food goes hungry.

Case in point: our much hated New York City Transit (NYCT) furloughed thousands of workers for not complying with the vaccine mandate. As a result, there are long waits for trains because there is a shortage of crews available to operate them. Example: The W train, which operates between Astoria and Whitehall Street, South Ferry on the Broadway line during off peak hours, has been suspended until further notice. It is the same story with the buses. A shortage of drivers means a long wait for a bus. None of these companies are challenging the mandate. Everyone is wearing rose coloured glasses. Go woke, go broke.

A friend moved to Florida to escape the inflation and high taxes here. But she says that life down there is becoming expensive as well. Houses for $400k? The same thing goes on here! One would have to make at least $80k a year to buy a house; and it doesn’t have to be one of the multi million dollar houses in the Hamptons. What looks like a basic house with maybe 1.5 bathrooms, attached garage, eat in kitchen, maybe a small deck, close to shopping and the railway station, can cost more than a quarter of a million dollars. And I’m not factoring in the annual property taxes, which can be anywhere from $8k to $10k annually. Now she wants to move to North Carolina. And her house is not even a year old. She worked so hard to get it. Welcome to Biden’s America.

What really angers me is that now, I have to work my ass off to pay for people who are unemployed, to have food and money because they were fired for not getting the jab. Keep in mind that unemployment benefits last for a limited amount of time. But I’m sure there are people who are getting over on the system, such as the so called “welfare queens” who have more kids by different fathers so they can qualify for more benefits.

So here is an article that I wish to share with the class. I have known Pfizer for years. I used to walk by their headquarters on 42nd Street in NYC every day. When I would ride the bus to visit my aunt in upstate NY, I always saw a water tower in NJ that says “PFIZER” in giant blue letters.

Still thinking about taking these so called “booster” shots? Read this first.

So it looks like my days of filling in for another driver is over. The regular driver that had COVID will return on Monday; and I’ll be with someone else yet again. At least I’ll get somewhat of a break. There is no sign of me getting my own route anytime soon. Not at the current staffing level. I don’t see the situation changing anytime soon.

This will be the final article for now. I see a revolution coming. This is only a start

That’s all for now. Please like and comment. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

One thought on “My Thoughts on This and That

  1. It is strange when politicians make rules for people and then complain when those rules create a problem. What is not strange is that the people get blamed for creating the problem.

    The good thing is that around the world people are rebelling against stupid rules that make life harder in relation to this virus and governments are not happy at being told to go shove it. The only response governments have is to vilify and then double down hoping to get their own way.


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