A Fool with a Pen

Build Back Better. Yeah, right. Now there’s a phrase that has been tossed around by the Democrats, the bloody Leftists and communists like a football at a kegger. I’m all for improving our roads and repairing or replacing bridges that are functionally obsolete. But throwing taxpayer money around without any accountability is not the way to do it. Keep in mind that WE, THE PEOPLE, are paying for all this through high taxes. This sounds more like Build Back Broke.


How are we supposed to build back better when inflation is on the rise? I don’t see the Fed cutting the interest rate. The last time that happened was in March 2020. First thing to do to build back better is to get the economy going by getting people back to work. That would help with inflation by increasing inventory in the stores. Consumers who earn a decent living wage will spend money, which creates demand for product. When consumers spend money and buy goods, preferably American made goods, the economy goes up. We can release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help curb high gas prices and reduce expenses for the working man or woman. That will give consumers more money to spend, which would create demand for goods, which creates jobs, and low unemployment, which translates into a robust economy.

And I just saw an article about “fearless leader” releasing oil from the SPR, but he sent it to Asia as seen here:

This bonehead makes me so mad I could scream! If you speak out against this kind of TREASON, the FBI is ready to lock you up for being a domestic terrorist. Meanwhile, I found this Ivory Hecker video whilst perusing Instagram. I see that one parent will not follow the narrative of allowing pornography in schools, and I support this investigation. I just wonder who decided that it is okay to show porn to our children? That will NEVER be okay!

For those of you that own a firearm(s), Brainless Leader has plenty of dirty tricks up his wrinkled sleeve to relieve you of your guns. Look what I found:


And this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1314939062232579/permalink/1501695423556941

This week, I asked to be placed on a route that I could live with since I do not want the one they are offering. That driver is leaving next week to hire on at Western Express. I hope I get it because it means I’ll get a bus with a lot more power than the current rattle trap. I am so unsure about it, but my guide encourages me to manifest, manifest, manifest! I’ll ask my oracle cards if I have a shot at it.

I wanted to talk for a bit about shattered sight. It means that you see only the negatives in a person, or an event, and not the positives. I acknowledge that I lose focus of the big pictures at times, and circumstances cause me to develop shattered sight. Now that I know that, this week felt different. I was somewhat more positive. Perhaps a little happier. If you see that you’re experiencing shattered sight, take a step back and think about all the little things that you are thankful for. Like being able to wake up and see the sun, having a warm bed, a loving partner, or even that you have milk for your coffee. I tell the young lady I am mentoring to be thankful also.

That’s all the news I have for now. I wish you a good weekend.

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