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Hello Soap Boxers, and welcome to the beginning of a new week. As usual, I am preparing for what lies ahead for tomorrow. I need to spray my face diapers with Lysol, and finish never ending paperwork. Hooray for me. I’m surprised I don’t see the truck from W.B. Mason more frequently. They deliver the heavy cartons of copy paper, and I assure you, they are HEAVY.

Yesterday, a storm came through at around 4pm. The weather outside because as dark at night. It was raining heavily, but there was no wind. My area did not lose power, but on the way home, I had to make a detour due to a non functioning traffic light. Mom called me later that night and told me what happened in Mastic, as seen below.

This article really makes me cross. This Biden nominee wants Communism by forcing us to rely on a central back and eliminate private accounts. You won’t see this in mainstream media, because they’re too busy dividing WE, THE PEOPLE, by feeding us propaganda. This is what is really going on behind the scenes. I thought Facebook had deleted it, but Brother David J. Harris Jr. always seems to be my savior.

Here’s one reason why the cost of living has gone up in Florida. To think that Biden and his cronies are doing this kind of illegal foolishness just boggles the mind. I wish we had a DeSantis as Governor, instead of a brown nosing, ugly as sin sell out like Kathy Hocul.

Here is something else that you will not see in mainstream media. I came across it by accident. Still think that Pfizer is on the level? Watch this video and I’ll let you make the call.

So here is another article that REALLY pisses me off. This idiot who has bird seed for brains doesn’t know how to stop the rising gas prices, has begged OPEC to pump more oil, and now his crooked administration is looking to shut down another pipeline, and send gas prices through the roof. These Communists must be stopped before the economy comes to a halt.

I thought it was a joke when I read that Biden begged OPEC to pump more oil. I looked it up, and there it is in black and white. My head hurts when I think about all the foolishness that is going on.

I think that’s enough links for now. I go on and on, but I have much to do here. WE, THE PEOPLE, deserve to know what is going on with our country. Hopefully I will have more time to write now that the series at work is over. Anyway, please like and comment. I hope you have a good Sunday, and a great week.

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