Some Thoughts to Share

So here we are with this new Omicron variant. It is interesting how it came out before the start of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. This new variant is only a decoy to deflect interest away from the trial. And it is working; at least at mom’s house. She is very concerned about Omicron, even after I told her there is no such variant. It is all a lie created by the communists, Democrats, and Marxists to control the masses. It break my heart to see her fall for all the propaganda on TV, and she watches Fox News. I don’t trust mainstream media. At least she doesn’t side with the Democrats.

Meanwhile, our genius Governor Kathy Hocul declared a state of emergency due to Omicron. Stop it! There is no variant, you blockhead! And therein lies the problem. She’s an elitist like everyone else. And I thought Cuomo was a jerkoff. Nah. She makes him look like a bumbling idiot. You can bet money that she’s not wearing a face diaper when the cameras are turned off.

I just remembered that Chris Cuomo was suspended from CNN as seen below. Good riddance!

I recently came across news that is earth shattering. It has nothing to do with politics, thankfully. So far, only two of my friends know what’s going on. I can’t share it here because most of you will not understand it. I can say that my time is coming, and I must prepare for it.

We all know that Epstein didn’t kill himself, and we know about the flights to Epstein Island. But we didn’t know about these previously unknown flights that the FAA was hanging on to. I wish I could say you saw it here first, but Business Insider beat me to it.

I am really unhappy with Keurig at the moment. After months of trying to order, and spending 45 minutes on the phone with customer service, I finally was able to order my Café Caramel and Dark Chocolate hot cocoa. Only the Café Caramel came yesterday. I sent them an email asking where is the hot cocoa order, and now its a matter of hurry up and wait for them to contact me. Meanwhile, I’m dangerously low on coffee and hot chocolate. Wal-Mart does not sell them, so I must order them directly from Keurig.

I just had someone knock at the door, and alarms started going off. Thankfully, the person left after the first knock. I like when people do that. Just go away. I hate when people come to the door. And sometimes I think about knocking on my neighbour’s door to chew the fat and say hello to her partner and the fur kids. I sometimes think they have the same hang up as I do, so I wait until I see them outside. I’ll ask them if its ok for me to knock on their door next time I see them. As for “Sid and Nancy,” I would like to put a sign on their door that says “SATAN’S WAITIN.” I would like to, but I cannot. If all goes to plan, I will not have to worry about those two demons ever again.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you have a good rest of your week, and have a blessed day.

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