Dribs and Drabs

Hello everyone. A lot has been happening here at Soapbox Central, hence my absence for a few days. No one reads what I write, but I keep going because I keep hoping that I’ll get my 40 acres and a John Deere someday; hopefully before I cease to exist.

I had quite the shock this morning. One of the bosses called early this morning and told me that due to some kind of “emergency,” I am to do route 62 until further notice. That is the route I have wanted all along. I was doing it last week because the driver was doing another route. I get to hold on to my newer bus with the working radio, and I can use my Bluetooth with the mood light ring. I get home at a decent time so I can run errands. I’m so happy about that. Of course, it means that two other drivers got screwed big time. I feel bad for them. The company hired a new driver last week and he seems to have acclimated to the route well. But we need a lot more to combat the driver shortage.

Meanwhile, today was not a fun day. I am attempting to get into Bitcoin by setting up a trading account. The broker I’m working with got annoyed with me earlier for depositing $400 into my bank account when she wanted me to let her know when I was ready to fund the account. Now I’m annoyed with her, and I’m thinking about shelving this idea and go back to the stock market. I’m the one doing all the work and I don’t need to get bawled out over some ridiculous nonsense. She wanted me to go to a Bitcoin ATM in the city, but that’s not happening. Too far away, and I’m not walking around NYC carrying that much cash.

I came across this article that is a must read. This evil sub-human is the root cause for what’s going on in the country. Makes me wish I had thrown those manilla envelopes from Soros Fund Management into the trash when I was working for Citipost.

That’s all I have for now. Have a good night everyone.

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