Let’s Go Brandon

My goal is to show everyone, especially the international community, the kind of nonsense that goes on in these United States of America with the Biden administration, the wannabe communists who label themselves as Democrats, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, which means Anti-Fascist, and why you see or hear us say Let’s Go Brandon at sporting events or social gatherings. Because its a way for us to give that brainless leader our collective middle fingers without being subject to arrest for going against the narrative.

The Democrats have successfully divided the country. Now its the “vaccinated” versus the unvaccinated. The one who got the jab can go anywhere they want, eat wherever they wants, and basically enjoy life perks, providing they have their papers, or vaccination card. The unvaccinated, which includes yours truly, are the enemy. We are being blamed for making the vaccinated ones sick. We can’t go see a show on Broadway, eat dinner at a fine restaurant, or go to a sporting event. But everyone has to wear a face diaper, even if you got the jab. That makes no sense! And, it has been proven that wearing a face diaper does not stop the spread of COVID. Its all about controlling the masses, as I have said in a previous post.

Now what about BLM? Do they really help the blacks? No! BLM are a bunch of domestic terrorists who are using the plight of black people as a cover to further their criminal activities and Marxist ideas, who are funded by that lackey of Satan, George Soros. He also funds Antifa, and being anti fascist is once again only a cover for their criminal activities. I find that the members are nothing more than babies who cry and riot if they don’t get their way. Check out the article below:

And yes indeed, that Marxist Mayor Bill DeBlasio has been voted out of office. He has ruined NYC with his ideas of defunding the NYPD , abolishing solitary confinement on Rikers Island, and cashless bail. Crime is so bad that even I wish not to ever set foot on Manhattan soil ever again unless Adams can restore law and order.

Now let’s talk about that QUACK, Anthony Fauci, who should be wearing grease paint because we all know he’s a clown. I don’t know why I compare him to Jack Kervorkian in my mind. He was only guilty of assisted suicides via his Thanatron. Anyway, if Dr. Quack had it his way, the whole country would be locked down, the economy would come to a halt, our streets would become a ghost town, and men, women, and children would be hauled in by military force to get the jab, whether we want it or not.


Here is one reason why I say the Democrats are Satan’s lackeys. Watch this video where Marjorie Taylor-Green plays death threats left on her voicemail. Why would they want her dead? Because she is a threat to their livelihood. This happens to any elected official that goes against the narrative, or is against the elitists, the communists, Marxists, et al. This is what’s happening in America. The media will sugar coat it, or just plain lie and say it never happened. Remember, the media is being controlled by the Marxists and communists. In other words, all you see in propaganda, and not the truth.

No matter what foreign country you live in, I am sure that pornography is not being taught to your children. That is not the case here. It has shown up in schools, and parents are rightfully not happy about it. If they speak out against it to the school board, they are subject to arrest. Why? Because, once again, it goes against the narrative of the Democrats. They see nothing wrong with this. To prove my point, there is an book for children called Brenda’s Beaver Need a Barber. “Beaver” is a slang term for vagina. Yeah, that is the depravity that goes on here. Thank the gods books like that were not around when I was in school. The school library had books like The Pigman, Deenie, 1984, and Fahrenheit 451. Check out this article.


That’s all I have for now. I thank my followers for staying with me, and hopefully I can bring you content that will keep you coming back. Please like and comment and have a good day.

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