Gym Jam

I went to the gym this morning since I didn’t go last week because I wanted some time at home. Imagine my shock when I see a sign on all the doors that says: Please Wear Your Face Mask. Thank you. What? We’re back with this again? I blame that accursed excuse for a human, aka Governor Hocul. So management is now enforcing this stupid mandate. I walked back to my car and went home. But I took a half hour walk in the parking lot before I went inside.

I have a lot to think about. I didn’t go last year during the quarantine, and I turned into a walking potato sack, even though I exercised every morning. I lost a lot of weight this year, and I intend to maintain it. But I remember I had to wear a face diaper when I took my stress test, and I was starving for air. I would have had more endurance if I wasn’t wearing the damn thing! And I’m supposed to use the machines whilst wearing one? Bullshit! BUT, I need the weight machines. That much is clear. I may have to bite the bullet and wear the face diaper. But only to lift weights. I don’t plan on using the treadmill or the ellipticals. Another reason I have to wear it is because there are cameras inside. If I do not comply, I could be banned from using the facilities, or, in a more draconian move, be arrested or thrown out. So, do I hang on to my principles and not go, or follow the rules and go? I have to think about it.

In other news, my best friend landed in the ER this morning needing a CAT scan for sharp pains in the abdomen. That broke me in half. I was crying. I needed to listen to meditation music to ease my grief. She has an infection, but I don’t want to say where. Surgery seems to be the only option. As of this writing, she’s being prepped for surgery.

I was so shocked to see a retro Atari 2600 at the library on Friday that I had to take it out. It comes preloaded with several old school games, and the set up is easy. Just plug it into the HDMI port on the TV. It even has the old school joy sticks which were annoying to use with certain games, and sometimes painful. These are a little smaller and wireless. It even has the paddle controllers. I wish it had Donkey Kong since that was my favourite, despite the less than stellar graphics, and the lack of an elevator board. Even though my thumb was sore from playing Centipede, I had such a blast!! I had to use the joy stick to play; and the arcade version used a roller controller. That was mildly annoying. It has an easy play version where the spider and the flea does not take me out, but the wand movement is limited. I can only go up or down. It has the same sound effects as the arcade version. I was screaming at the TV whilst playing Kaboom because if I missed one bomb, then all of them went off, hence the name. I need to see if it has Pole Position or Grand Prix since it has some Activision games. Now I want to buy one a retro Atari.

So that’s all the news I have to share for today. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my friend pulls through surgery fine. Thanks for reading my post, please like and comment, and have a good week.

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