Today’s Update

Well, I had a not so great morning.

I have known for a long time that it is impossible to be nice to any of the drivers here. The only way I can relate to them is to be a jerk. That’s not me. People get all highly upset at me for doing something simple, like changing lanes. No one around here gives a flying fat frog that I have wheelchairs behind me. Their safety in my hands, and I have to care about them because no one else does. I am constantly reminded of the wreck from last summer. The woman acted like it was not a big deal, like she gets into wrecks all the time. That scared me.

Some creep gets all highly upset at me because I needed to get into the left lane so I could access the left turning lane. I could see him a few hundred yard behind me, but as soon as I get in the left lane, he’s on my bumper. I hate when people do that!! Then he razzes me with his horn as he goes by. All he had to do was change lanes. Nah, not when people here are total narcissists with shattered sight. I mean sheesh, people are so damn entitled these days. Now, I do my best to stay away from them.

I got a peek into my future thanks to my Tarot cards, and I’m currently doing a January full moon ritual where I draw twelve cards to map out my energy for this year. I am to prepare for my ascension, and I must consider letting go of jealousy, envy, and anger. That’s not going to happen whilst I’m here because people REALLY bring out my Aries side. There is a part of me that craves war and chaos. I really know how to bring the noise. But I would rather not do that. I am to be above all that.

NY had won a small victory thanks to the Supreme Court striking down Democrat Governor Hocul’s face diaper mandate. But Cruella De Vil filed an appeal, and the mandate remains in place for now until the Appellate Court makes a final ruling. In her bloodshot eyes, this mandate is “for our protection.” Bah! Any one seen the movie V is For Vendetta? That wench can muck off and go get stuffed.

That is all I wish to say for now. But I will say that I hope Hocul walks into an open manhole. I need something to make me laugh. Have a good rest of your week.

Fight the Power.

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